Thursday, December 07, 2006

Here I am again.

I had a great weekend (aside from the revision). Gary came up and it was just, well just ace.

We did more christmas shopping. We even bought for each other. Cute. Had a bit of a corporate fest with two visits to Starbucks (on Saturday and Sunday respectively) and Subway on the Sunday. Heh. We watched 'The Fly'. It was cool, bit on the gruesome side though.

Having a three hour workshop on Monday afternoon really ate away our time together :( but wasn't too bad after that. We got to eat out. I had to say goodbye though and that's always the hardest part.

I had my last law assessment yesterday afternoon. I'm soooo glad it's over. I'm not entirely sure how I did, but it must be better than my first one because I did a lot more work for it. Work always pays off. Indeed.

I had my last alternative media seminar this afternoon. I really started to get into the whole subject of late, especially since contributing a project- The Voyager, which is an idea for an international newspaper which would appeal to travellers/migrants etc who come to Britain and wish to know about foreign news not covered within the mainstream papers. It seems to have met with some success. It'd be published weekly, say every Saturday or Sunday. Haha, me with my business head on ;)
hehehehe. Tomorrow I have to present my idea to the rest of the class (meaning both seminar groups). Yep. Holly's idea for an intellectual woman's magazine is ace too I reckon. I think the idea is, that the projects get eliminated one by one in terms of the support they'll get given. Hmmm. Then the winner will get some kind of prize. I'm not too bothered whether I win or not, it's just the sharing and contributing of ideas which counts.

I bought my Mum's christmas present this afternoon. I hope she'll like it. Although for obvious reasons, I'm not going to say what it is. I got it from Within Reason. I also bought a vanilla scented candle. Nice.Other than that, not much has happened.

I think I'll be going to Fuzz/Bleach tomorrow night because I'm in need of the ol' night out. Last time I went was about a month ago. I know I'm definitely at Pop Tarts on Saturday night (after the house christmas dinner/party/day). The christmas dinner should be ace- on the 9th of December. The same day me and Gary celebrate our nine months together, funnily enough. Acceeee.

Well that's all I can say really.

Over and out.
I'll update when something new/important happens.