Friday, December 22, 2006

Not much has happened since I last updated. On Tuesday night, or was it Monday? I tried out some new make-up looks and had a good old route around my make-up stash. It's always cool to try out new looks, it's just finding the right ones. I've picked up some useful tips though, so I have a better idea of where I'm headed with some much needed restyling. I plucked my eyebrows. But I think that was Monday night.

Yesterday I got back from Gary's about midday, I had some lunch then got down to some serious revision (about 2 hours or so), worked out after that then showered and all that jazz. I stayed in last night as my dad had a chill and he didn't want me to go out walking alone, especially in the dark. It was grim though as I wanted to go out around Gary's, but both my parents wanted me to stay in and I was rather knacked. So a night in it was. I think I just watched random stuff on TV. I know I watched Gladiators, haha. &Corrie later on with my Mother. Hmmm. Wow, fascinating stuff.

The main worry that's been lifted off my shoulders today is that I've finally applied for my work placements next year! Woo. I've applied for a placement at 'Reveal' magazine and another one at 'The Sheffield Star', but we'll see where it gets me, eh? I might do another one later on, or most probably, by tomorrow. I'm just hoping I've done the right thing and not posted too much/too little. I really want to know If I've done ok with it- I don't want my application to fail, damnit! I need work experience! Yeahh.

I finished 'Flowers in the Attic' yesterday afternoon. It's sooo sad :( It nearly made me cry at one point. It broke my little heart to read. Excellent story though. I want to read the sequel now, which I believe is called 'Petals on the Wind'. Awwwhhh. I have other books to read though - like Irvine Welsh's 'Porno' and 'The Schnews at Ten' (for my case study). tonight. I'm pretty excited about it. I need to get to Gary's for 7pm first though, as we're going to watch Rocky II. We're trying to get through them all (as I've never seen them before) so we can go watch Rocky VI next month! Woohoo :) Yay. I haven't been The Albion in ages, so tonight should be pretty interesting. I suspect a lot of people are going to be there, what with all the Universities having broken up now, etc etc. Yeah. So, will probably stay there for a couple of hours at least, before going home.

Right now I should be revising though. At least for a little while.