Monday, December 18, 2006


I am in my brother's room. I'd go so far as saying, I have moved in. But a lot of my brother's things are still here. The PC, the chair, all of his clothes. You know, I still feel like a guest, or he's going to come in at any minute and say 'Get out'. But no...not anymore. I have rights now, to stay here. Haha. I have his double bed, and all that jazz though. However some things may be temporarily laid out here.

This is going to sound majorly lazy of me, but I've only just got dressed. Yes, at 2.30pm or so. Haha. My reason behind this being, it's now the holidays and people should be allowed to do what they want. Including lazing about until mid-afternoon in just their pyjamas. It sounds good to me.

The past two days since I came back to Widnes have been spent with Gary, by in large. Basically, I got to his for 4pm and then we had a great time catching up, (if that's what you want to call it ) ;) and eating up. Heh. I have ate a hell of a lot of what might be described as 'fatty' food this weekend. However I did not mind what-so-ever as being back with my loved one makes me want to eat whatever I want and say 'fuck any kind of diet/eating rules' I'm gonna eat whatever I want. Woohoo. Which is always a good feeling, รก mon avis.

Ahhh it feels good to be back. We went to Liverpool yesterday with Gaz, which was cool. Gary bought a few christmas pressies for people, whilst I bought a vegetarian student cookbook, for when he comes up to visit, etc etc. Yay, should be fun to make some of those recipes! I do believe so. I love cooking, it's just great. I know it sounds so boring, some of what I describe...but honestly, I do make FANTASTIC meals sometimes, when the mood takes me.

Like last night, I made a veggie gravy (made from onions and mushrooms, milk, flour and vegetable stock), whilst we had mashed potatoes on the go and some vegetarian mince pies. Yum! It was very tasty actually. I hope we do something like that again.

Anyway, I helped Gary to wrap up most of the presents he'd got for his family (damn thin paper though) but it looked lovely once it had all been sorted out :D Yay yayy ayayya.

When I got back home, I simply rearranged my brother's bedroom a little bit and put most of my belongings on his cupboards, etc. My mum remade his bed and put my sheets on it, gave it a good spraying down, etc etc. Haha, that kind of thing. Then I finally got to bed about 1am (it was a task and a half I must tell thee). Other than that- I woke up at about a quarter to five this morning, heaven knows why :s but it wasn't a very pleasant feeling at all. I thought it was around about 7am, but no!!! Grrr. Anyhow, I went back to sleep and slept in until about 10.30am. Damn weird times!!

I finally got the 'net sorted in my house for my laptop, with the help of mon pere. I was struggling for a while, but finally managed to sort it out. It's always good when these things get sorted. As I hate having no access or communication to the outside world. It makes me feel...cut off. Hmmmm. So, for the rest of today? The plan is to get my workout on the go by about 3.30, shower etc. Then some revision until about 7.30. Then about 8, I believe Gary will be a-coming around. So that should be good. I'm really excited, his visits are always the highlight of my day :)

Might get something done as regards finising a song I'm working on too. It's spent ages in progress, but I'd really like to see it nearing completion by the end of the week. But, like a fine wine...patience is key and the fermentation process can not be rushed.

Yours truly.