Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pleasantly, I have now finished the majority of my Christmas shopping, I do believe, barr one or two things I have yet to buy. But all my presents for Gary are bought and I have a considerable amount for my Mum, one for my Dad (with more to come).
I did all of that yesterday.
It was a bloody sweaty shopping trip if ever I've had one.

Unbelievably, I have worked out every day this week so far! Go me. It happened when I was debating on Sunday evening how to make this week go faster (as I can't wait to go home for Christmas). &as it turned out, the way was to burn off some serious calories in the hope of getting trim and toned.

I started to notice a bit of a difference last night, I must admit. In the abdominals, I feel and look a lot stronger. Not toned or rippling or anything like that, haha. But definitely, stronger. It'd be awesome to have a flat stomach- it's just whether that's humanly possible! As the maintenance there would be rather steep I do believe. I'm working out not to lose weight, just to keep my current weight, and to look good. Obviously.

Anyway, today should be err...interesting. I have my camera assessment for JNL 214 this afternoon, so that has to be done- the filming is getting done in my kitchen! We were going to use Holly's but we figured it would be too far away- as Broomhill is a lot longer to get to than Crookesmoor from Minalloy House. I get to be filmed making a cup of tea, hahah. As long as that's the only thing I have to do. I'll let you know how it went anyway, in a later update.

Tonight I believe, is Gatecrasher night. All my friends here seem to want to go- so I thought, why not? Since it's gonna be the last house/friends night out before Christmas. Originally it was going to be Pop Tarts, but I think when everyone realised more people were gonna stay until at least the 15th/16th of December, I think that's when it was decided it would be good to go out. Even if the night is a bit- gash - it can be enjoyed once inebriated.

Reet, I'm off to shower.