Saturday, December 16, 2006

It's raining and I can't be bothered.
That's how I feel at present much for going to the pub and seeing the guys in this weather! Pfffsshhh.

Last night I went to Gatecrasher. It was alright I suppose. I was just utterly shocked by how busy the place was and also, how extortionate the drinks prices were! For two drinks of rum and coke it was £9! For fucks sake, that's a rip off. Completely. Maybe it was just Christmas prices, I dunno, but it certainly wasn't no laughing matter.

The place got less busy towards the end as people moved/filtered out, so we ended up staying until closing time at 2.30am and by 3am I was back home and ready for bed. Yayyy. I was just glad to be shut of the place, as although I did enjoy it, being with my friends and all, it's not usually the kind of night I would go to, or decide on. If you get what I mean.

So yeah, today...I had to repay Kat some money I owed her from last night. &I had a fit lunch of Lloyd Grossman's tomato soup, garnished with red pepper and cheese. Was very tasty with a bit of bread. After that, I'd love to say I got down to doing all of my work...but, I didn't. I've just been in a relaxed mood and wanting to sleep/go home all day. But fairly soon I shall do both :D

Basically, I'm going home early tomorrow morning. My dad's coming to pick me up at 9am sharp. Wooo yeah :D So that's exciting. Very. &I should be back by midday.

I should warn you in advance, that I don't know what the internet situation at home is at the minute. As here in Sheffield I have wireless internet connection, but at home...I don't know...I think it's just AOL. &to be honest, it could take ages to set up/sort out again. Grrrr. So bare with me if I don't update for a good while, if at all over the Christmas season. That'll be why.

I've started the packing process anyhow. By enlarge, I've packed most of my clothes I need and the presents/books I have are getting sorted/scattered around the place as well. So there you go.

I had a fit brocolli and chicken pie for dinner tonight. My friends here keep on saying if I've given up cooking :p but nope, it's just that I don't want to fall into the trap of buying loads of fresh ingredients and then not having anything to use them up with. That would be the worst. So no, I've been having frozen ready made meals to tide me over these past two days. &damn nice they've been too.

I think two of the girls have gone home now. There's seven of five of us still about. But it feels incredibly lonely here now. Or it's starting to. Tomorrow, I think another two or maybe three of us will be going. So that'll only leave two people in the house by Sunday, if that's the case. Awwwh bless!! I hope they don't feel too lonely.

This term has been good. It feels like I've achieved so much, in such a relatively short period of time. All my work for this term has been done (aside from the revision and case study which will be done over Crimbo), but yeah, I'm generally happy with how it's all turned out. I've had two articles published. My second article 'The A-Z of Body Parts' being published in the 'Body Issue' of the union women's magazine 'Stiletto'.All good.

Only 10 days until Christmas.

&Woooooo, I'm going home tomorrow, yaya yayayayayyayayay ^_____^