Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ahh. A fairly decent day today, spent in Chester to do the inevitable Christmas shopping, avec ma mere. Yes. My task was to decide what clothes I would like so she could wrap them up as christmas presents, as for about the third year running, she has no idea what to get me. Mehh. I just got some nice clothes from Browns of Chester. They have delegated fashion departments which take up a whole floor. Awesome. I ended up getting some very pretty things. A evening/party dress, which is short and cute- no way to describe this really other than GORGEOUS, you just have to see it for yourself. I got a brown top w/blue design, which cost about £28. &I got a brown polo neck which runs into this cute little skirt (I can't remember the exact name of the material- think it's some kind of Burberry?) with a buckle. Fit. It will look so cosy and cute though with a pair of boots and some black tights.

I also got a stack load of new make-up/beauty care things. Well...I got some new foundation as I'd run out or will be soon (even though I've got some in Sheffield, I just forgot to take it back home with me, grrr!) and a lighting concealer which is supposed to work wonders. I also got a new shade of eyeshadow, which can apparently be used in replace of an eyeliner. Oh I also sorted out my hair dilemma and bought some hair dye. We figured that I can colour my own and it'll look good and just get it styled after Christmas or whatever. I'm going mahogany, which is a form of reddish brown, I do believe. I believe it'll look nice anyway. It's a nice change from what I'm usually used to - black black, dark brown, black. Haha. I'm not averse to lighting it up a little now though and I'm hoping to go a bit lighter in time. Nothing drastic obviously, but maybe as this colour is a semi-permanent...once I change it after that, I might go a more light brown'ish type colour. Probably hazel/roasted almond highlights would be cool come spring/summer time. I do believe.

So...I have something for Chris and Louise this Christmas at least. I got them a lampshade. It's a very nice one too. Haha, well obviously.

Anyway, not got much else to say except I'm going to Wetherspoons tonight for a proper meal and a half so I best be getting ready for that soon.It's gonna be great because I am soo damn hungry and eating out with Gary is the best. Really is.

Anyway, I'm going for a nap now.

I'll update soon.



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