Friday, December 15, 2006


I got to Minalloy House for 2pm. I wondered where everyone was...and then realised they were in the main tv/broadcast production room. So me, Holly and Chris gathered together and got our camera equipment; making sure that we had the camera, the stand, the microphone and the headphones, as well as the tape and batteries; the essentials.

We walked to my house and decided to set shoot in the kitchen. We had to move the table out of the way at one point though as we needed to move the camera back, etc. I being the model, had to do numerous shots of filling a kettle up with water, over and over again. Haha which got a bit repetitive and a tad annoying, but got done never the less. We did lots of wide shots of me filling the kettle. Then a close up of the kettle, before doing numerous face shots which could be used as cutaways in editing, if the editor got stuck and needed to fill any inconsistencies. Then it was time to press the kettle's switch :p haha, what fun. Over and over again, with different angles/close-ups. Then I took the cups down from the cupboard :p hahahah. Over and over again. Before I filled each cup with hot water, yes, over and over again. Haha. Repeat again with varying CU's for the making of the tea, the taking away of the teabag and the putting of milk in/stirring of said tea. Before we finished off with a nice five minute or so interview. I hope we did alright. I think we did enough anyway and we were finished by 4pm. So that's that over and done with- or so I hope! Heh.

He'll probably find something to call us back in for. Mehhh.

I managed to make a new friend anyway- in Chris, and me and Holly got his number incase we need to work with him again in any projects in the next few months or whatever, which we probably will do.

I've suddenly realised- I really need to get my work experience sorted before Christmas. So tomorrow, I'm going to rewrite my whole CV and send off for some relevant places. Yayy. I think there's a placement at Reveal I might try for, also The Sheffield Star and maybe a newspaper around here. I mean, you'll never know if you don't try, right? Right. So that'll be tomorrow's task.

Oh and you'll never believe it...after everything I've said. I've gone and rejoined Facebook. Those of you who have known me a long time may well remember that I joined in March this year, only to delete it a month later citing it as 'shite'. Well...I still hold that belief, but I'm using it to social network with people/stay in touch with friends/societies etc. So there's no harm in that, is there?
Even though I prefer myspace. But I seem to be in the minority with that one, hahaha.

Now to make dinner....yay?