Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A good'ish day, but it seems to have really dragged. Not entirely sure why. I was up by 8am, had the usual wash and breakfast etc before going to my 9am lecture. Holly was ill and vomitting from being hungover and going out to Kingdom last night, and asked for me to collect handouts for her and she'd buy my a chocolate bar if I did. So I did :p hehe. The lecture was on confidentiality law and breaches of confidence. I was bored by the end of it, but I listened. I think I just felt that way because I had to get up really early. I stayed out and didn't get back to the house until about half three. By that time I had gone into town, bought another of Gary's presents, ate my lunch in Starbucks and had a root about for one of my Mammy's presents.

I have some of the BIGGEST NEWS EVER. My brother is engaged! He told me in a phone call last night. So not only is he gonna get married soon'ish, he has moved out of the house at last and I get to have his room and double bed! :D Wahey. It's smiles all round then. Not because I want my brother out, haha, just that it's been ageeeesss coming. I mean, verging on two years or more. So, it's good to know things are finally coming together, even if the small things like the shower, getting a bed etc, still need to be fixed.

While I was in Starbucks this afternoon, I managed to lay down the arrangements for a song I kinda want to start. So I've got the basic idea down now, it'll be good to see how it gets developed.

Oh, I got my results back for my radio vox pop and interview I did for the JNL 214 Broadcast module. I got a 2.2, I believe. 55% and 56% accordingly. Which isn't bad, but not great. Oh well at least I have passed. Although, the tutor wasn't exactly sparing with the negative comments! Jeebus, no wonder the world is in the state it is.

I can take constructive criticism though, so that's alright. It's just when you get knobhead lecturers who seem tolike to prove how much better they are than you. Mehhhhh.

I managed to work out tonight though, which I'm really pleased about! I was in the mood for it, so thought, why the hell not? It was the more dance based workout with pilates cooldown that I did this evening. Tomorrow I get to do the ol' Nell Mc Andrew again :p haha ace. I bet I will wake up tomorrow morning and my muscles will all be stiff. It's a good feeling after exercise though. There's a sense of...liberation, about it??

Yes, I think that's what it is.

Right, I'm off to revise.