Friday, September 07, 2007

Today has been better that I thought. I was up early (7am) and at The Heath for 9am sharp, where I then had to find the relevant department (GB Plange) and was taken up by a lab assistant/tech. My job involved basic admin- answering and transferring phone calls to the relevant people, printing off labels, filing papers and processing orders. It was pretty cool actually. I got to use the same order system (AS400, or something like that) as my Mum uses at Gus, so it provided a bit of a learning curve really.

Oh it turns out, the company/business I am temping for is involved in bread enzyme production. They make and supply to Warburtons and manufacturers like that. Here's their website: Clicky

That was the whole day, from 9-2. It's been by far the most interesting job I've undertook so far (apart from Morrisons obviously), but then working in a salad bar is pretty damn cool.

So yeah, everyone seems really friendly and we're getting on fine. I've been shown all the ropes pretty much and as tomorrow is my final day, it's really not bad work at all. Just a bit of extra pocket money (or only money, at the moment...)

I never knew The Heath Business Park was sooo big though! I completely underestimated it in size. They have a market day there and today, there was a lady selling real pretty jewellery. I managed to get a ring for £3! Which is a an utter bargain. Looky:

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My only problem is that I feel soo tired after being up for so long. I just want to have a bottle of wine and unwind over a long conversation with a friend. But I'm going the cinema, hmmm, equally as relaxing I suppose. Only trouble is, in the dark I tend to fall asleep! >.< no matter what, if I'm sleepy and I watch something in the dark, I usually drift off.

Oh well, looks like it'll be an 'early' night for me then.