Friday, April 27, 2007

Petals of Laceration

The flowers, they disperse
They understand
Where I’m coming from
Running in directions
We are lost in
Yet here inside
We find
One another
Enclosed in petals
As tender as our tears
We fall
To the feelings of love

With only sunshine
Left to guide us
We live in the soil
Erased by the cycle
Of rain beneath
That soaks into
The souls of strangers

But we are alone in shelter
Pure from desecration
Their petals bruised,
Broken in the process of laceration

No feelings, they are numb
Taken, confused, dumb
Eclipsed by illusions
Of self-infliction,
Violated by vanity
And paraded by delusion

Safeguarded to
Catch you when you fall
Yet under umbrella skies
We catch them all

Pods of dreams
With inner faces
That look toward the sun
Why does the rain run dry?
Where will they run?

When will they realise…
We are content

To soak in our skins
In a sud of fermentation
Sap to honey
Petal by petal
Left to be torn away
In a process of laceration

We will watch the moon fall
The sun rise over the seashore
Of the Atlantic

Stars shoot their chances,
But after it all disappears
And the days turn into years

As petal by petal is blown away,
Torn, broken and rejected in two
…and the seeds disperse

A petal will remain…

As if only we knew.

25/4/07 ACJ