Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Disappointingly, last night ended in only a drink at the Four Topped Oak due to it being Easter Monday and they had only two vegetarian options on the menu, neither of which they had in stock. So we went home and ate instead. I made a great meal from scratch, out of leftover quorn roast we had on Sunday night, sun dried tomato and cheese pasta parcels and salad- which had cherry tomatoes, olives and jalapenos in it. As well as a sprinkling of cheese and loads of pepper. Was yum. Then we had my Maltesers chocolate egg and a bag of maltesers :) was very delicious.

We ended up watching the end of the Night at the Museum and then we watched Ghostbusters II which I haven't seen in donkeys! But I love.

Today has been a decent day. I made a song on fruityloops. Once I master it and all that shiz, it will be up on the Unborn Parallax myspace. I'm fairly pleased with it. I made it completely randomly, out of boredom and something to do whilst watching repeats of Gladiators on Challenge TV. Hahah. It's got a good sound I feel. It's called 'The Visitor'. Which is so called, as it was the first thing that popped into my head when listening to it.

I also have somewhat of a poem in the works. However it is taking a completely different style to what I normally write, so whether I will publish it for public viewing remains to be seen. If I do, here is the first place it will be posted. So watch this space.

I went out today with my Mum to Gemini Retail Park in Warrington and we bought a few things. I got a free EsteƩ Lauder Projectionist mascara in black and some amazing body butter called Lomi Lomi, by Sanctuary, which is a combination of a relaxing hawaiian spa treatment with kukui oil and floral monoi oil. It smells BEAUTIFUL. If beautiful is a scent, it would smell something like that.

Right, not got much else to say. Just another little update to keep you informed.

Oh the new Type O Negative album 'Dead Again' is AMAZING!! I mean it. It rocks soooo sooo much. Seriously. I can't wait to see them in June!! Woohoo.

Buy buy buy!