Thursday, April 19, 2007

I have been into the Information Commons this afternoon, at last! I must say I am very impressed with it. I'm glad to know that all that money invested in it has come to some good use. The facilities seem much superior than any other University buildings. Modern architecture, big open study spaces- a whole library in itself, set out over five enormous levels- with each level containing loads of computers, places to sit and say the least, it's amazing.

It does feel like being in an airport somewhat though. I guess it's the openness and vastness of the place- it's so clean and new. It has a café on Level 0 which seems pretty small, but I reckon will be great to grab a coffee from inbetween revision/work sessions. The main reason believe it or not for my visit to the Commons, was not to gawp at the impressive new facilities, but to actually do some work.

I started doing some more work on my website for JNL308 (Web Journalism). So far I have a heading (but it's very much a work in progress), two tables (one with links to info about the smoking ban) and a little bit of text about what the site aims to do. I've even started planning what kind of stories I can get out of the whole project. I'm thinking five stories sounds a lot, but it probably isn't really.

I e-mailed an Asthma charity and asked if they could provide me any information about how the smoking ban will help asthma sufferers (haha, sounds obvious, but it's so important to go out and do your own research, get your own quotes, interviews, etc). I'm thinking I might go out and do a vox pop soon. Or even go into some pubs and ask people for their opinions. I know old man pubs are probably the best for that, even if they do seem a bit intimidating, haha. I could even make my own movies if I so wish. Haha. Or I could just stick to the basics ;) Hopefully I will get my teeth into this project and have it all wrapped up by this time next month exactly (along with court reports!) :)

Sooo... the past few days have been so soooo beautiful, weather-wise. It's really put me in the mood and started to make me feel all summery! It's a great thing because I've got practically a whole new wardrobe just for the occasion. Yesterday I went out to Primark and bought a pair of black shades, a green floral dress which I suppose is supposed to be worn as a top with jeans, but it doubles as a dress! and then I got khaki shorts and a pair of denim shorts from H&M which make me legs look a bit delicious. Not to mention a very cute white top, which is all flowy, kinda 80's but not overly so. All of which suit me well I believe.

I think that will tide me over now until the summer :) OOooh my housemate Naomi got me a lovely present from her time spent in India over Easter. She bought me a cushion cover which is all gold and orange- it has a picture of a flowering tree in the middle I believe. It's soo elegant and I got a pillow for it today so I can rest my head on it when I get a bit too stressed :p yay.

I went to court today. Usual stories...there was a lock-in though and some guy was being charged with threatening harrassment and poss. murder (nowhere near as murderous as it seems though, just...threats really, saying he was going to stick razorblades between his fingers and smash his ex-wife's face in, etc). It was quite interesting and made for a good story. So that's gonna get written up for sure, when the time comes.

Had an amazing dinner tonight. I made my own pizza, like I did for me and Gary on Saturday night. Cheese and chopped tomatoes on the base (yes, I even made the pizza base myself), jalapenos and meatless pepperoni slices. All served on a bed of lettuce leaves, tomatoes, olives and spring onion. Oohh and I bought the most AMAZING vegan icecream this afternoon. It's called Soy Delicious 'Cookie Avalanche' with biscuits and choc cookie pieces! It's gorgeous and tastes somewhat better than Ben & Jerry's even. At £4 a tub I was pleasantly surprised and so will no doubt be buying that little bargain again, or with some other flavour :p yum.

Right, just thought I'd update and let the world of Anna shine through once more.

Oh but before I depart, my new song 'Broken smile on cold floor' is up on the Unborn Parallax myspace. So please give it a listen and let me know if you like or not. I don't mind!