Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I still can't believe I'm ill. Still.
Even Venos and various bronchial medicines/mixtures and cough sweets don't seem to have aided me in a full recovery. Yet.

But there's still plenty of time. Plus, I'm not too bad now. It's more just a struggle to talk occasionally, above anything.

So much has happened since my last update.

For one thing: Easter.

I loved giving people chocolates. Although I still have a few to give, to Gary's sisters. I got a Maltesers crispy egg, a Green and Blacks Maya Gold (with spices) egg, a Cadbury Dairy Milk egg and a tub of Terry's Chocolate Orange Segsations (the latter of which have now been devoured). Yum yum.

Yesterday was great. I've chilled for much of the previous week. Did fuck all. Just read, went around to Gary's, exercised, watched South Park and various other TV. I went to Chester on Tuesday...that was great. I got loads of new stuff. Two new tops, shoes, a new jacket, new bra set, more underwear- a sports bra, bright green frenchies?! hehe and stuff like that.

I've started reading The Zombie Survival Guide which is very entertaining. I have also been seeing and spending quite a bit of time with my family.

I met up with Mike and Lynz on Saturday morning. We got a chance to catch up on all the gossip/news and we ate lunch together in Wetherspoons. It was very nice.

This afternoon I wrote up 4, yes, FOUR of my court reports. Which takes my total to five written up so far. Which I'm pleased about, since I did all of them in two hours. I'm not sure of the quality of them, but I think they're pretty decent. I mean, they're all accurate as far as I'm aware and correctly attributed etc, so I can't see any major errors. I guess Jonathan will be the judge of that however.

I want to do something creative this afternoon, but I don't know what. I might try for a poem or a song. Probably a poem :p

Today is mine and Gary's 13 months together anniversary :D which is awesome to think about. Today is also the 2 months celebratory mark of me being vegetarian. Which is something to think about. Yayy.

Tonight we're going out for a meal at the Four Topped Oak and a couple of drinks. Which I'm really looking forward to.

Hmmm that's all there is to say really. Except that I have one week left at home before I return to the land of Shef, so I'm going to make the most of this next week :D