Thursday, March 29, 2007

Urgh, I'm all bunged up and bored.
So I thought I'd sit here and type this instead.
It sucks.
Any donations welcome.

It's mainly a sore throat and drowsiness, the latter of which is self-induced from consuming too many strepsils (a whole pack) in a 24 hour period. So I really must take it easy now. But there's nothing worse than wanting to hauck it up and not being able to (sorry for the graphics). Thankfully, family members have noticed said illness and ordered I be quarantined (put to bed) for the rest of the day. To which I am to oblige, otherwise I feel the death coming upon me :( which isn't nice. Ever. But it's thrown all of today's plans into disarray. Which is unfortunate. Gary stayed over last night, which was awesome, as it always is :)...the sore throat was bad last night, but it seemed to flare itself up this morning, into some heinous throat beast, set on causing destruction.

So we thought it best I spend the day in bed and since he had to go home to do stuff, we will be spending this evening in our separate ways :( which truly sucks. Since I would've been up for going the pub and going to a real chip shop (the only real one in Widnes apparently)called Marie Barrows. But the latter will have to be pushed back by twenty four hours now. All in aid of the recovery process. *Sigh*.

The good news is that I have finished my Web Journalism (JNL 308) essay ALREADY! Woohoo. So that's yet another weight off my mind. I started it on Monday and finished it this morning, about half eleven. I think I work better in the mornings for one reason or another. Either way it must've done the trick as I've now got two whole weeks and a 3 day weekend :) ...if you try not to think of the court reports or the local government revision or the whole five stories I have to find for my website I have to create pretty shortly (in JNL 308) :P then yeah, I have nothing at all....


Back to bed for me I think. I might watch a film or read or something though.



(I'll write when I feel well). &typing this on a computer really sucks when I should be in bed, writing on a laptop which is soo much more versatile and means I can go back to falling asleep quicker...