Monday, March 12, 2007

Good news. The weekend has been BRILLIANT.

Even though I spent much of the anniversary on my own (during the day), I still had a decent time, I went to Speke Retail Park in the day and me and my Mum went shopping. I ended up buying quite a few books, Bill Bryson- A Short History of Nearly Everything, Iain Banks - The Crow Road and Will Self- The Book of Dave. Books that look pretty interesting :)

I dyed my hair that mahogany colour in the evening and cut my fringe, which needed a much needed trim. I then went out with Gary to the Golden Phoenix, a chinese restaurant in town where we had a fine meal together and enjoyed each other's company.

On Saturday, we got tickets to see TYPE O NEGATIVE! Yeassh. I can't wait!! The gig's at the Manchester Academy in June. I'm so excited about that!! Errm, we went to Liverpool to get the tickets and then we went to see two films at the Odeon. OUTLAW and GHOST RIDER. Both of which I thoroughly enjoyed :)

Sunday was a day of major relaxation by in large, which was fine by me. The day was spent just chilling in bed, hehe. We went out to get some veggie bacon at one point- but to no avail. But we still got to have our veggie fry up as per usual :)yay. Then later on, we (me and Gary) went to my house, where we indulged in pear and apple Kopparberg ciders and watched BORAT. I love that film, I find it highly amusing <3 hehe.

Oh, this weekend I have earned £25 through giving indian head massages :) yay. Which of course, is getting saved up, for who knows when ;) It's been a great couple of days.

&a fine way to celebrate mine and Gary's one year anniversary.


Rich And Mark said...

For a very odd take on Will Self's "Book Of Dave", check out