Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Indian head massage course I've been on over the past two nights has been lovely! Sooo soo relaxing. The bonus being that I can now perform a basic indian head and facial massage :) so I can give them out for free, hehe. Also, I got a little certificate to say I passed the course, but it's more of a certificate of attendance above anything. It's nice to have anyway.

So, I had my Quark Xpress workshop this morning. It was sooo long and technical for my little mind. But I got through it, I just counted down the minutes until lunch time...then I met Holly and we ate lunch together in the Interval. Was real sweet :] we had these vegan burritos/flatbreads. It was pretty intriguing- The Interval food is sooo damn yummy. Then we hurried ourselves off to court. We were hoping for a different case to cover, which from what we could read on the court list, would include a guy who flashed his bits at some woman in the street and maybe a mugger/someone who committed ABH. Instead, we got a guy who stole two beef joints, 3 bottles of spirits and a chocolate milkshake because he 'couldn't afford anything at the time'. With his benefits being low, etc...and a guy who drove down a one way street the wrong way at 2am.

Still, they have potential to be decent stories. So they will be used.

Oh, the recent additions to the download line- up is now: (announced 6/3/07)

* Evanescence - Wouldn't mind seeing, I like Amy Lee's voice
* Motley Crue - Hahah, only when drunk :p
* Gallows - Hadn't heard of this band until yesterday, but maybe
* Enter Shikari - Yes, have heard lots of amazing stuff about them
* Bowling for Soup - No, just no
* Machine Head - Yeah, I would like to see these
* Thirty Seconds to Mars - I dunno, I like Jared Leto though, not sure of his music? Ahh well, we shall see.

So with 20% of the line-up announced, what do I think? Well it's not the best, but there are some bands worth seeing in there. I'd still love to go to Download, just because...well, I've never been to a proper festival before and I just have a feeling the atmosphere will be awesome. So yeah, even if the next 80% aren't incredible, at least I could use it as an excuse to get mashed =)

I'm going home tomorrow. Back to Widnes for a couple of days. I can't wait- it's been too damn long already! Sheffield is good don't get me wrong, but there's no place like home.

Exam results for me tomorrow! I'll keep you updated on that one. I'm trying not to worry too much, but I know I'll probably be ok...I suppose. I'll survive,if worst comes to worst.

Right, I have loads to do at the moment, so I best be off.