Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The past two days have had their fair levels of stress. Yesterday because of the filming we had to do. We drove all the way out to Richmond, an area of Sheffield...where we went to find the nursery called Handsworth Community Nursery and drove past it. We asked directions from this lady- who told us to drive out towards Asda or someplace, only she mislead us and by the time we realised, we drove back and we found that she was walking out of the damn place having just dropped off her kid! Damn liar. Haha. Anyway at least we found the place. The sign outside had been knocked down due to vandals, we later discovered...hence why we were searching in vain to find the place.

From the outside it looked a bit of a small shed. But actually it was pretty large inside. The children were soooo cute. Very very adorable. We could only film three of them though as they were the only ones who had given their permission. Nevertheless, we got the exercise done and we got the shots we needed of them playing in the sandpit and outside in the kitchen. 'Pretending' to cook. Awwwh bless. We even bagged an interview with the chairman of Amy's project,Morris Littlewood, who helped us out a lot. As did some other lady highly involved in the proejct called Pam. Morris seemed real friendly and even said he'd help us out again if we ever needed it :] awh. He said anything to do with the advancement of young people's careers is good by him and he's happy to be involved. What a nice gentleman.

We left with enough clips and headed back. Handed in equipment. That was about it really. We're editing it all and finishing the whole product off tomorrow though. Soo...a whole day of editing awaits me. So I best be off to bed soon.

Today was filled with a lecture, two workshops and plenty of reading. I'm finding out I have soo much to do. It's quite scary. Hence the workshops are semi-explaining everything. Apart from Quark Xpress, which is just weird and the lecturer rushes ahead all the time, so we often get left behind. Not a good sign.

Anyway, I'm sleepy so I best be off.

Night night