Thursday, March 22, 2007

The TV project for JNL 215 is over! Yesssss.
Well that's 10 credits sorted :D
Me and my group (Dan and Holly) ended up doing 8 hours worth of digitising and editing today! From 9am-5pm! Of course we sustained ourselves by buying lots of snacks, pringles, a whole huge bag of mini eggs (We got a couple of bags each) and pasta for dinner. Not to mention crisps. Hahaha. Well we needed to keep our energies up :p

I'm so pleased though. Not to brag, but I think as a news story it's really effective and looks professional. Which is the main thing. Also, I have my own personal copy which will look good to show to family and friends, not to mention potential employers.

It's Holly who should really take most of the credit though. She organised the interview, did most of the editing and piece to camera. Not to mention, she took home the equipment and drove us to the Hallam arena and the nursery! But we all took our parts equally in contribution, discussion and evaluation. So we all equally deserve the praise. Kudos to Dan for keeping a steady head in the face of chaos during the Sheffield Steeler's game, when they scored so quickly! That took us all by surprise.

I helped with the equipment, filming, interview questions and cue, as well as guidance in editing. So I think we all had about an equal task within the group. It's hard to say really, we all had a turn. But- it's OVER now. So at last, I can relax for Easter (kinda) knowing that is one less thing to worry about once I return. *Phew*.

A huge weight off all our shoulders! :)

We went for a drink afterwards in The Cavendish, a very student based pub just outside of Minalloy House. We thought we'd go for a quiet drink to wrong we were. The place was teaming with rowdy Hallam students who seemed to delight in yelling and roaring anti-Sheffield Uni chants at everyone in there. It was kinda funny really and I wasn't riled at all, haha. But it would've been nice to actually hear what my friends were saying. Instead of just loud screams. Then some other group of Hallam students came in wearing army uniforms (fancy dress I took it) and started shouting chants at one another, bouncing them back and forth. Then being idiotic and ...among other things....flashing...and the chants got more vulgar...and yeah, they started pretending to be dead on the floor. It was highly surreal! Clearly they were on the lash, hahahah. So we only stayed for the one drink. We were strangely energetic, but I think the whole scene put us off and we just went home instead. We only went for one drink anyway.

Tonight, I'm treating myself. No work. Just casual relaxation :D (haha, not to imply as though I do work every night) :p but, I won't be doing it tonight. Nope, not for me. Just leisurely reading, music, chatting, drinking Kopparberg cider and the watching of Coronation Street :D obvs.

That's about it really. My whole day was spent editing. We learnt how to do captions, which is a bit tricky. But nothing sublimely hard.

Also, we've now handed in the project- a month before it's even due in! :D How ace.

Alas, I felt a tad bloated from too much food before. So I need to rest that off before I do anything else xp

Woohhoo, 3 days until I come home for Easter! :D