Sunday, March 18, 2007

Another week over. It's been fairly eventful. I met up with my broadcast group (Holly and Dan) yesterday evening and we drove down to the Hallam arena to film our broadcast project. We kept on getting stopped every five minutes by the authorities who seemed to delight in asking what we were doing and as to whether we had any permission (Which we did, and we have the letter as proof damn it). They liked to fuck things up for us so much. They had to find a place where we'd be allowed to film, which took an age to sort out. We were grateful we got seen to though, believe me. But then just as we thought we were getting some decent shots in they'd come over and tell us to 'move out of the way'. One guy even told us to film in the disabled area as we'd be out of the way more. So we went and did that, only to be told five minutes later that a disabled person wanted to sit there so we had to clear off. How annoying. But we did get some decent shots. It all worked out in the end.

The ice hockey match looked like sooo much fun!&we got in for free :p (bonus!). Only thing is, we didn't get a free press pass :( which was unfortunate, but nevermind. Anyway, we got some shots of the match - mainly the teddy toss and people throwing them all onto the ice rink, which looked pretty impressive. Then we got shots of the teddies themselves as they were collected and shots/CU's of members of the audience which we can use as convenient cutaways. Pretty good all in all I do believe. The Sheffield Steelers scored really quickly too so we managed to get those shots first. By 7.30 we had finished in the stadium and the only job left to do was to do a piece to camera outside the stadium to use as a back-up if all else failed. Holly did it beautifully, even though the security/admin people from within the stadium came out and asked us what we were doing/who we had permission from etc and that they'd have to check. But then they buggered off, so we just did it anyway :p and left fairly promptly. After all this, we drove back and were at home again by 8pm. Handy...

Today I have mainly been laying about, been on here a lot...erm, I've been trying to do more work on my cross stitch for my Mum but it's such hard work when I'm stressed/bored all day. I keep on needing breathers, haha. Unfortunately those 'breathers' soon turn into hours :p Oh how time flies. *Sigh*.

I've developed a mouth ulcer since about Thursday. It's highly annoying and very painful! I've got some gel for it but it seems to be doing fuck all. I think it's just gonna have to heal itself over time. When that will be I don't know- but touching it is starting to freak me out. I don't like it. All I know is, every time I have a cold or somewhat salty or sugary food, it starts to flare up with pain. Ouch. It better heal itself soon- I've got one mega busy week ahead!

Tomorrow I have to be up early on to hand in the tripod and Holly has to take in the camera back to Minalloy House at 9am sharp- so we can get a new camera out and change the battery. This is just part of the whole booking system rules that the Journalism department has when it comes to lending out equipment. Unfortunately, it means getting up at the crack of dawn. 7.30...urgh.

Then me and my group are filming at the Amy's House nursery in Richmond. Which we will have to find. So again, another mission in the car. We have to get there from about 1 until...whenever...we'll probably only be two hours max though (or so we said). So fingers crossed it all goes to plan and we get it all sorted!

Wish me luck.