Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I tried to update this thing yesterday but IE was having none of it and kept on closing itself, just to annoy me it would seem. Meh.

Today has been pretty jampacked. I was up early'ish, then I had my Quark Xpress workshop at 10am until midday. I once again learnt how to do lots of page layouts with the programme amongst other things. I returned home for lunch about 12, whereby I made some carrot and coriander soup and some hummus on rice cakes. Yummy. I've started reading 'Violin' by Anne Rice, which so far is err...interesting?? I'm not quite sure how to put it, I like it, but it all seems very reflective and not entirely straight forward. Meep.

In the afternoon I had to go to court with Holly and we met up with Dan (from our TV project group) on the way there. We thought, with it being Magistrates court and a fairly dull Wednesday afternoon...there would be no stories. But oh how wrong we were! We only went and hit the gold! Some guy was facing a charge of possessing 11 kilos of heroin- £44,000 worth of smack! Fuck. Haha it's mental to think...and he was caught at Doncaster Airport with it down his underpants! hahaha. What a story. So that was definitely worth it. The story we originally came for (a flasher) was barely even given a mention. But at least we got a major story out of it. At last!

We walked back and by about 5 or so, I was back in the house. I went shopping to get some chocolate icecream and cookies, since I was dying for a choccy fix, haha. So I got them from the co-op (shame they had no luxurious ones :( ). I chatted to Naomi and Laura for a little while in Laura's bedroom and then I made myself a curry for dinner. I used lots of fanciful ingredients too - onions, yellow pepper, babycorn, brocolli, spring onion, quorn style chicken pieces, rice and tikka masala sauce! It was well yummy.

I'm going out tonight to Coporation (a rock club). It would be good except it's School Disco night. So it'll be all pop tunes. Not that I mind too much though, it's free entry in school uniform and tie. Also, drinks are fairly cheap and it's an easy night out generally. I'll just get bladdered. The only thing I'm worried about, is that I have 10am tomorrow and won't be able to get any sleep, so will be knackered. Also, tomorrow is a busy day overall. I won't be coming back until about 4.30'ish. Hmmm. I hope I'll be alright. It should be ok There's a group of us going out so I'm sure we can all look out for one another.

I wrote up one court report last night, which I'm glad about. I was starting to stress a little, but I just let it flow and magic began to happen. (Or something similar).

Oh and why is everyone on my course so damn eager?? I was looking for books that I can get out of the library to use on my essay I want to write up over Easter- and there's practically no copies left of anything! It's really annoying. Damn. Perhaps being at a 'redbrick' University isn't all it's cracked up to be after all.

I came back to Sheffield yesterday afternoon. Well, I got the 11am train back, but I didn't get back into my room until about 1pm. I spent loads on food shopping, which should last me right up until the end of next week. I got loads of fresh healthy stuff and a few pre-made meals which should see me through.

Right, I'm off to get all dressed up and wasted.

I'll let you know how the night went tomorrow.