Monday, March 09, 2009

I went to see The Watchmen this evening. I really enjoyed it and thought it was a cool film. I could understand maybe from the average joe's perspective why they'd think it was rubbish - but those types of people are usually just content with 'action - sex - action'. Which don't get me wrong, The Watchmen was full of, but the difference is that it actually had a series of stories within it - a back story. Heaven forbid. So yes, I could see why to some people that might be a bit confusing. Especially to those who haven't read the comic. I am one of them.

But I still thought it was amazing. &of course, it makes me want to read the comic. Even if that does sound like I'm jumping on the bandwagon.

This weekend has been just fantabulous. On Saturday I went to Liverpool with Gary and we went on a bit of a shopping spree. To say the least, I must've spent a good bit of wage, as I bought a coat from River Island for £75 which I've had my eye on for a while. It's a red mac with beautifully designed big silver buttons on the front and a belt which cinches you in a little at the waist. It looked so nice and cosy I just had to get it! Then of course, I ended up buying a very unusually pretty pearl necklace with a white flower on it and some headbands from Topshop. Then I got a pretty pink chiffony style dress from Primark, which was cheap but very, very nice. Not to mention the gorgeous vintage style green wedgey high heel type shoes that Gary bought me from Milano (as part of our anniversary pressies). I was rather spoilt.

We had lunch at Yums - an all you can eat chinese buffet on Bold Street. That was nice - we made sure to have our fill, though I think we both found out towards the end that we might've overestimated our plate size portions! haha.

In the evening we had to babysit for Gary's little sister which we didn't mind as it gave us time to chill out and chat and just relax after a hard day's shopping :p which was nice.

Today (which I realise is now the 9th - though forgive me for writing this in the wee small hours of the morning) is also a day of much celebration. For it is mine and Gary's 3 year anniversary of being together. So yes, we're going to have quite a bit to celebrate :] I feel so happy.

We've already bought our fair share of presents for each other - I know that Gary bought me a mp3 wireless player for my ipod which I can now use instead of his all the time. Haha. I also have a pretty white rose bracelet and those shoes I mentioned earlier. Fabulous.

We're going to celebrate our anniversary by going for a Chinese meal together. We were going to go to Zizzis in Liverpool One, but it turns out the offer we wanted to use there expired on Sunday. Which is annoying. So we had a rethink and decided to stay local, because we could get drunk in Widnes rather than have to stay completely sober and drive home all the way from Liverpoool. Ooh we are clever :]

So yeah, we'll be going the pub tomorrow evening and having a few. It'll be really, really nice to celebrate and relax with a beverage or two after a hard day's work, for a change.

Happiness doesn't even begin to describe the way I feel right now.