Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The anniversary meal on Monday was lovely.
We went to Desii - an Indian restaurant specialising in the cuisine. It was really nice and made for a change compared to going to the Chinese.

We had poppadoms with dipping sauces, onion bhajis and this pasty type thing with spicy stuff inside. Followed by the main course of chickpea curry,a vegetable madras and some other lovely veggie curry with lots of potatoes in it. Lovely.

It was fairly cheap as well for the both of us it only came to £27 and that included the drinks. I highly recommend.

Afterwards we went back to Gary's (took the car back as we drove to the restaurant beforehand). Then walked down to Wetherspoons for a few drinkies :) which was lovely.

I had a really nice time and our 3 year anniversary went spectacularly.

We exchanged pressies earlier in the evening before eating out and I got loads of good stuff - mostly totally unexpected!

When I arrived at Gary's, it only took a few minutes for Gary to come in and then I waited upstairs for him - and he came up and gave me a lovely surprise of pink wine, ferrero rocher in a heart shaped box and red roses :)

Awwwh. It was one of the most romantic moments of my life.

I'll never forget it.

Last night I created my own poetry website.

Elusive Cure

- to read all my poems, leave comments and read and sign my guestbook.

Many thanks.