Friday, March 06, 2009

Finally, it's the weekend.

I'm looking forward to it a lot because any time off work needs to be enjoyed thoroughly :] even if it is only two days worth.

Today was another day of hard work. Many a time during the day I counted down the hours/minutes til I was free once more. I worked very hard and by the end of the day was glad to come home and be able to get ready to enjoy the weekend.

Tomorrow I will be hopefully having lots of fun with Winkles :) shopping, chilling, lovely stuff like that.

I'm hoping to be able to book some time off during the summer to be able to maybe go to a music festival - I can't decide between Download or Sonisphere. Maybe both if all goes to plan. But I can't say for sure on that one. Waiting for more acts to be announced, but Download has picked up if they're having Faith No More playing.

Anyways, it's Easter soon so I'll be getting some time off for that, a day or so.

I might as well be off now. I have things to be sorting out, so can't hang around.