Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My eyes have been getting really sore lately. Not sure why but one of my contact lenses fell out this afternoon in work and it was really frustrating. I think my eyes are drying up from looking at a computer screen pretty much all day, leaving them all drained and a little red. Eeep.
So I made sure to buy myself some Optrex this afternoon, in the hope that some much needed eye drops would help my eyes feel a little more human.

They've sorta worked. But I'm wearing my glasses for a while until they recover. Or at least more often :]

Ordered my new phone last night. Not saying anymore on it until it arrives though and then hopefully I can have some evidence to show for it.

Still in a bit of a writing frenzy at present, it's ace :]


Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better, just to let you know i still keep up on this