Monday, February 09, 2009

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1) I am a firm believer in self fulfilment, self expression and doing whatever you feel necessary (without harming anyone or anything) to get your message across. I can testify to this sort of message because when I was 15 I laboriously sewed onto my school bag, ‘Jack off Jill’ in pink stitching. It was awesome. I didn’t care how controversial it seemed or what sort of rumours people made up about me after that, I loved that band. I had the PASSION to want to spread that message and that’s something that nobody can knock.

2) I love cats. One day I want to own my very own little Scottish fold kitty J

3) I work in an engineering recruitment consultancy. This is my first proper job and I’ve been given a lot of responsibility regarding the company website. I have control and access over the creative and editorial of it which is pretty cool. But I’m also doing other tasks such as right now I’m working on a nuclear energy project which could be presented to one of the head directors at this massive nuclear company in France if all goes to plan. Scary stuff.

4) The most wonderful people I’ve met in my life are my grandparents. Aside from my immediate family, my grandparents rocked because they really did look after me while I was growing up. They used to live right next door to me, up until my grandad passed away and I’d always skip through the little fence we had set up in our backyard to go and visit them.

My grandad had a massive collection of factual books, mainly on bird watching but there were some on international history, especially to do with the pyramids and Ancient Egypt. I would sit and read them for hours. I think they really helped me to look at writing and gain pleasure out of it.

5) I write poetry. I’ve been writing poems of various interests since the age of 11. I’ve been told I have somewhat of a talent for it by various people which has encouraged me. But mainly I just really enjoy writing as it’s so cathartic. I’m hoping to get more of my poems published and who knows, one day soon, my very own poetry book.

6) I miss college. It feels like ages ago now, but college was ace. Though at times I couldn’t wait to leave, I always had a laugh with my friends and amazingly in-depth discussions which was cool. It always helped having that time to wind down and socialise between lessons as well. Working can be very tiresome.

7) My music taste can be very eclectic. I don’t have a specific style so much anymore. When I was younger it was only GOTH GOTH ELECTRO. But if I like a song, I like a song. Basically, my music collection consists of anything and everything from Godlfesh to Girls Aloud.

8) I am a vegetarian. Meaning I haven’t consumed any animal or dairy product for a good while now. 2 years today to be precise. I feel much better for it, though I wouldn’t say it’s changed me as a person. I think it’s a really easy transition to make too. But I could never tell anyone to change their eating habits or force it on another person as I think that’s just guilt tripping. It has to be a personal decision.

9) I graduated last summer from University with a 2:1 degree in Journalism. Some people say that’s a weird subject to study but I remember it was nowhere near as easy as people who didn’t have to do it were making out. Not that I ever thought it would be.

10) I once got approached to be an ‘Evil Girl’. Which is kind of like a cheap British version of the Suicide Girls. I didn’t take up the offer as I don’t like the idea of strangers watching me naked in clubs/pictures on the internet.

11) When I was 14, I did my Duke of Edinburgh award. We had to do various challenges and I remember we had to write about our expedition. I didn’t expect that at the ceremony later that year, my writing would be published on the leaflets and being read by upwards of 200 + people. That was a nice surprise.

12) I love cooking. Nothing is more satisfying than coming up with a new recipe or making something look and taste even better than the picture in the cookery book. I like making loads, especially winter food like soups and hotpots.

13) One day I will have an akita-inu dog. The master of all dogs.

14) I have been in a relationship for 3 years and things have just got better and better. We’ve known each other since high school, from about the age of 14, when we’d exchange shy looks and give each other CD’s to listen to. We just didn’t know we both fancied each other, but were too scared to say so at the time. Thankfully we managed to sort that one out.

15) I drink too much tea. Tea is genuinely amazing and I love all its varieties. Herbal or caffeine infused.

16) I’ve always felt out of place in modern society. I have been told I am not of this era. A few people have told me I don’t sort of ‘fit in’ with the times. Not that I dress old fashioned, but I do have morals and standards, which is rare where I come from.

17) I have two brothers. There’s a 12 and 15 year age gap between me and them.

18) My favourite poet is Anne Sexton.

19) I am addicted to Sudoku.

20) My beliefs have changed. I’ve become a lot more logical and as a result, I’d say my believings lean more towards the atheist side.

21) When I was 15, I used to wear only black clothes and paint my face white. I went through a phase (of about 2 years) of looking remarkably like Morticia.

22) I have my ear cartilage pierced. I’m still undecided about whether to get a tattoo or not.

23) Every Sunday, me, Gazy and Hazy go out in the car and drive somewhere to cause chaos, have a laugh and deep discussions about everything from politics to some of the weirdest stuff you’ve ever heard

24) I love Japanese things. Something about the culture is so charming yet kooky, it’s great. I’d love to go there someday soon.

25) I am like a child at heart. I can get easily excited and be pretty eager, which I’ve been told is cute.