Monday, May 07, 2007

So...this hasn't been updated in a while. I've been really busy working on my news website, which may I say is looking rather spiffy right now. I have three of my stories up on there- two of which I have managed to accomplish this week :) which is good news. Unfortunately, I now have to do two more, but hell, with there being two more weeks (or slightly less) until the JNL308 assessments are wrapped up for good, I thought there'd be no harm in taking a weekend off.

I went to a masquerade ball for my friend Holly's 21st last night, which was sooooo much fun! I was very drunk on the punch at Holly's house however, so by the time I got into Pop Tarts I was wasted and the effects of which I have still been feeling this morning :p not too pleasant needless to say. I was wearing my pretty black and flowery dress which I got from Jane Norman about Christmas time. Also I had my pretty little mask on, which is a butterfly mask with holographic colour type wings :) (not that I really got to wear it that much, but it does look rather pretty and I'm sure I will be able to find other uses for it ;) hehe.

Some of the masks at the party last night were err...interesting! One of them was a mask on a stick, which was a picture of Holly pulling a funny face, her tongue out and eyes in a 'Urgh' kind of movement! hahaha. Oh the hilarity.

Pop Tarts was good fun. As I say, I was hammered. Ermm... I came back to mine and was in bed by about 3am though, so was safe and sound :) Yay.

Today has mainly involved nursing a hangover and feeling like crap. I only started to feel somewhat human again about 4 o'clock. Yep. I could barely make myself any lunch I was so dizzy and when I got up at one point I was finding it difficult to keep myself standing. But I started to feel nourished again after a much needed plate of beans on toast and a couple of grapes, mmmm :) yay.

Have spent the rest of the day after recovering, just chilling :) which is always good. I left my jacket at Holly's house however, so will have to pick that up sometime tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow- I think I will be going to the Fuzz BBQ :) which I'm hoping to enjoy. It's a meal in the day- you get like a burger and drink (hope there's a veggie option, I think I remember there being one last year)and then in the evening you get to listen to lots of different bands (well maybe one or two). I think Zombina and the Skeletones are playing and I'm sure some other bands are too...who I'm not quite aware of. Plus a couple of DJ's. Or something like that. Should be fun. Plus I can come home at any point if I get too bored as I'm sure you get a wristband or to keep half the ticket or er, something like that. Anyway it's a Bank Holiday Monday so I will be needing a much deserved rest :) yayy...

Oh and in terms of news, I am much amused that Paris Hilton has been sent to prison for 45 days. All I can say to that is :) 'you're not so high and mighty after all'. I do like her, but anyone who thinks they're above the law...deserves to get shot down. Had off.

Also, I'm not too impressed with this... Mars ...why. WHY???!!

It seems like a completely backwards move on the behalf of Galaxy.

"Due to a change in the ingredients used in our chocolate recipes from 1st May 2007 many of our products now contain whey. This is a by-product of the cheese making process and uses rennet derived from an animal source. Therefore we feel it is for individual vegetarians to judge whether they are comfortable in consuming cheese products that do not bear a vegetarian symbol; we would consider our products to fall into this same category.

This includes Galaxy, Mars, Bounty, Celebrations, Maltesers, Milky Way, Revels, Snickers, Topic and Twix.

Products that are currently in store or that you may have already purchased that carry a Best Before Date of 1st October or before are still suitable for your consumption, however if you have purchased any products with a best before after this date then we will be more than happy to refund the value of the product. Please see attached lists for further information."

This may cause some protest...
I love Flyte, Galaxy bars, Bounty, Revels and Maltesers! Plus Snickers ain't bad either...

I guess now more than ever, I will be consuming more dark chocolate. Which I love don't get me wrong, but some of those chocolates in the list above are my favourite. Damn it. Oh well. At least there's always good ol' Cadbury...