Thursday, July 03, 2008

Ahh. So much has ocurred since my last post. Once again sorry for my infrequency but I do not frequent the internet like I used to :) hehe. Ok, for a start I have FINISHED UNIVERSITY :D as of the 12th of June. Since then I have moved home and so I no longer live in Sheffield.

Now I am home, sorting my life out. Which could go one of two ways. Really really good - and I get employed, have a fantastic job and start my new life. Or really rather bad - and I wait around and never get past the interview stage for a job before being rejected :( so yeah. I hope it's the former.

I went to see My Bloody Valentine at the Manchester Apollo on Saturday night - was so COMPLETELY awesome. &I got to see them with Garywinks which is all that matters.

Since then I have just been resting. Sorted out my cd collection which was utterly fascinating. That took a while though because I had to find all of my cd's and place them in their respective cases - I must've completely messed them all up and put them into plastic wallets for when I went away to University, believing it was easier. However I now have no cd cases whatsoever, which is somewhat puzzling. Oh well. Althugh I maanaged to get rid of a pile of junk which was cluttering up my bedroom (old notebooks, Uni work etc)- which doesn't really matter now that I know I've got a 2.1. Yup :D I'm pleased with that.

Just the getting a job part I feel will be difficult. I am broke though so will probably have to settle for benefits if I don't get one soon. It's highly likely I suppose. Though I shall just keep on trying and trying until I do. Who knows, it could get pretty interesting.

Oh, me and Gary want to see Stephen King's 'Misery' at the Royal Court Theatre in Liverpool. Probably come Friday or Saturday we will.