Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Heylo. Ok so I've been trying to get into the festive spirit with Christmas only a week away. I'm feeling very very excited :) and I know it's gonna be really fun and amazing.

This past week has been fairly hectic I'd say. Well, last week felt like it was. A lot has happened.

After that dreadful Monday, I spent Tuesday and Wednesday preparing myself for a job interview I had on Thursday morning.

Oh I got my hair cut pretty short on Wednesday :) it's now a mid lenth bob with a fringe and I'm really digging it I must say XD

On the day of the job interview I had to do a little presentation on why I wanted the role and what steps I would implement etc etc - and I felt as if all was going well - and I got told at the end I would hear back 'some time early next week' probably Monday. I left feeling relieved. &wanting to enjoy the weekend.

So last weekend was great :) I went to a GPW show (wrestling for those who don't know) on Friday night with Gary and Griff in Wigan. &whilst it was quite a drive, the actual show was pretty good. It was all fairly amateur for sure, but I had a good time and the place was fairly packed considering it was just an average sized social room (Monaco Ballroom). Had some trouble with the SatNav on the way home - it seemed to be taking us to Widnes via Bootle, lol. Finally realised in the end that the sensor wasn't up so couldn't pick up the signal, haha. We're such dumdums :p

I went to another wrestling show on Saturday night in Doncaster. I ended up driving 93 miles to this place called Edlington to watch some guys wrestle :p

We got there before 7pm and then we went into this small venue called 'The Granby' which was where the 1PW show was set. It was decent enough though the crowds were a great reminder of where we were. Yes, inbred doesn't even come into it. There were people there with mullets and anoraks on, ffs :s it was just like being involved in a timewarp back to the 80's. *shudders*.

After the show which was ok at best, we drove to Sheffield to meet up with a mate and stay for his house party :) that was fun. Though being fairly tired, me and Gary only had a few drinks and then we ordered pizza and our injection of cheesy sauce and chips :D mmm. Then ended up falling asleep in the back of the car for around an hour, lol. When we went back in and it was around 3.30am or so and whilst there was some weird hippy guy pretending he was a DJ in Davey's bedroom and some girl dancing for a good while, me and Gary finally got to sleep...eventually.

The next day (Sunday) was spent chilling out, then finally going into town and doing a bit of Christmas shopping. Yay. I saw an old friend in the morning as I was queuing up to use the bathroom. Rob who I knew from halls. Other than that...spent the day shopping as I say and ended up buying my Dad a christmas present :). Ended up going home via the Snakes Pass which was a little scary for me in the dark, but I didn't mind. It's all good experience.

Monday - some new cupboards arrived for me :D so me and my parents spent most of the day rearranging my bedroom. We've replaced the blue cupboard I had and put in the spare room, which is now being used for towels. My new desk is really nice as it doubles as a desk/cupboard and it's opened up a lot of space. My bed has also been rearranged so it's facing the desk rather than the door/wall as it was previously. It looks a lot better and gives the illusion of a lot of space. It's nice.

I even have my own little bookshelf and a nice throw over the head of my bed to 'break up' the part between the computer and where my bed begins. I really want to sort out my brothers' academic books as they're really clogging up the top and bottom of my wardrobes. If I could just get rid of them, I'd be happy with it to be honest as it'd look a lot less cluttered. I'm glad my room has been rearranged now as it's looking a lot better and no doubt will save me from being mithered to go and 'tidy my room'. If my room is already very nice then they'll have to find something else to moan about :p haha.

Anyway I've been waiting all week to hear back on that job I applied for...and have heard nothing, so I'm presuming I haven't got it, which sucks :( but hey, guess it wasn't meant to be. I'm just trying to keep positive through it all as something is bound to come up eventually.

Over and out.


Anonymous said...

Hi *has just noticed you've opened up for non-member comments*

I'm sorry that you haven't heard back from the job people yet, but at least it was hopefully a good experience?

Your new bedroom furniture sounds nice, I'm quite jealous, really :) and I'm glad to read you've been having lots of outings and stuff. I keep tying to get properly Christmassy but i'm so bloody busy it's hard to find the time! Tomorrow was supposed to be my 'free day' in which I could make pastry in the morning and instead I have to accompany my Nan to Ikea. lol. Oh, the joys of living at home, eh?

Anna said...

Hey no need to worry I heard back today and I got offered the job! woo. so i'm properly excited and stuff now :D *dances*.

I'm trying to get myself Christmassy too, I'm feeling more so this week with only a week until Christmas day itself. Still haven't put the tree up in the house yet though :s

Awwh bless you, I'm getting roped into doing stuff with other people too, still at least Ikea is not a bad trip out.

By the way do you fancy meeting up any time within the next week for lunch or some sort of activity? has been a while!


Anonymous said...

Great news about the job!!

I would love to meet up, unfortunatley I have no idea when I'll have the time in the coming week. Monday there's a funeral, then church cleaning, then the children's nativity paegent. Then on the 23rd I have to get most of our decorations up if poss becuase my daft Auntie Nicola has decided that her and ROb and Adam should visit on Christmas Eve (despite knowing, having being brought up by my Nanny, that we all always do our tree on Christmas Eve. D'oh) Christmas, obviously out and then it's St Stephen's day and there'll be more church and...well you get the idea, lol! I have your present wrapped and ready and hope to drop it at yours on Christmas Eve as usual.