Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I am now back from Download.

The weekend was AMAZING. How else can I describe it? It just was.

I got really drunk, dirty, got to see tonnes of bands and just generally have a laugh with friends.

Such a shame we were camped next to ignorant cunts though, who barely spoke a word to us the whole time. I would've been up for making new friends, talking to some new people.

I've even come back with a bit of a tan! hehe. My face, arms and legs look rather brown and I'm pleased to say I have not overly burnt myself.

Bands I got to see: Megadeth, Dragonforce, Paramore, Enter Shikari, about 10 mins of Korn (some korn fan started on me and in general we found out most korn fans are knobs), Suicidal Tendencies, Turisas, Hell Yeah, Bring me the Horizon, Machine Head, Slayer, Marilyn Manson, Necro and Linkin Park.

On the Sunday I saw Papa Roach, Mastodon, Napalm Death, Killswitch Engage and Iron Maiden.

We missed out on watching Dimmu Borgir or Cult of Luna however :( grim.

Anyway I just wanted to post this and say I had an amazing time and I'm feeling a little bit of the post-festival blues right now. *sigh*...