Sunday, June 24, 2007

It feels good to be writing in here...yet again.
Although nothing new has really happened.
Same old, same old.

I've been staying at my boyfriend's house a lot. We've been making a lot of arrangements for hotels and things like that, for when we go London in August, to see Tool- three nights on the run :D hehe.

Well, twice in London, once in Manchester to the Apollo. That should be something to treasure in years to come.

I've been looking for a job- god, the whole process is appalling. I've been checking in at the job centre regularly- I've been finding a few I could do and then I'm back to square one, one way or another. For example, they only want permanent people, or the hours are too long for me, etc etc. I don't want to spend my entire summer holiday just working- that's not what it's about. I just want a casual job, to earn a bit of money to save up and so on. I've applied at a supermarket, but I'm starting to feel uneasy as to whether to take the job, as stupid as that sounds as I've heard the company can be harsh to work for...with hours and so forth. I dunno. I guess I will await a reply and go from there with it. As always.

My parents are going away on 'holiday', well, more like a mini-break to Devon for a couple of days, from tomorrow until next Thursday. They're meeting up with my brothers and their partners along the way- so it's kind of like a family getaway. I would've come, but I already promised my friend Mike that I'd come up to Lancaster and visit him for Extrav!, their Uni's end of year celebration/party, which this year has a Queen tribute band playing :p hehe. Which could be pretty cool.

I'm staying at Gary's for the week whilst my parents are away, I did get mithered to death to go with them to Devon- but I feel it is for the best that I stay here. I love staying with Gary, he's the BEST. We have such a great time whenever we're together and to be honest, if I had to choose between staying alone at home and coming to be with my boyfriend, well there's really no competition, is there?

End of.