Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I have some good news. I've got a job interview on Friday for a temp job I've applied for- which is good because I wasn't sure if they'd even get back to me. But they did last night, so things are looking up and I may now have a job for the first time in two years :) yayyy. Which can only help me out, oh I don't know- IMMENSELY.

But I don't want to speak too soon incase it all comes crashing down around me. So I'm biting my tongue from saying too much, just so that if the whole thing backfires on me, I won't have said too much :p which is a very modest plan indeed.

Besides, it's only at the Asda. Hehe.

I've just had the most amazing meal with my parents. I drove them to Chester and back (which is the furthest I've ever drove before, so I'm feeling rather proud of myself about that) and on the way home, we stopped off at The Shrewsbury Arms. We always go there because the food they serve is just sooo delicious :) mmmm. I had a french onion soup for starters, followed by stir-fry vegetables in a plum sauce (it came with prawn crackers but I can't eat those) so my Dad ate them, haha. For dessert I had a chocolate bombé, which much to my amusement my Mum pronounced as 'chocolate bum' when she first heard the waitress saying it. Haha. Oh dear. It was just lovely. But I feel so stuffed after all of that, it's almost worrying.

So I may have to go and have a lay down.

The smoking ban came into effect from Sunday, but I haven't really noticed anything too different yet. Just that there's a lot more smokers on the streets or outside pubs now, as obviously it's illegal to smoke inside the premises. To me, I'm looking forward to going to a club now and coming home NOT smelling of smoke. Although at first I'm sure that will be a bit weird, yet no doubt something you'll get used to as the ban continues. In my opinion, it can only be a good thing.