Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Second day over and I'm feeling fine.

Today has been a far more varied and eclectic day than the last. For starters, I've had a lot more work to do...but, I got most of it one or two things. I've got about 4-5 stories written up and placed in the Stars' news system. I have one I need to complete and place in the system tomorrow, but as I say, that can be done again.

The main excitement of today, has been that I got to venture near City Hall and see the X-factor judges go inside the building. They each arrived separately, about ten minutes after one another, in blacked out Rolls Royces. First came Simon Cowell- oh dear lord- he is just like on television but weirder! He comes across as very arrogant- he was smoking the whole time, he was in the car, he got out...and he blew it in the press's faces before moving inside. Then there was Louis Walsh, who seems meek in comparison...and Danni Minogue...someone shouted out 'Where's your fit younger sister?' hehe...which made me laugh...she was so skull-like in the face it was horrible! She looks like she doesn't eat- yeuch. I reckon a lot of the 'thin' celebrities are like that though...skeletal in real life. Then there was Sharon Osbourne...who couldn't stop and talk to us unlike the rest because the rain was coming down so heavily, it was awful- then just as she disappeared inside it started to brighten up again. Bloody rain.

Anyway...I stopped for lunch after I'd seen all of them. I went and sat again, just outside City Hall with a sandwich and a drink. Before I went back to the Stars' offices and started my work again. I stayed from 1.30-5pm, just typing up all kinds of NIB's, finishing off the stories I'd been told to investigate all day (which had involved a lot of calling up and asking people a lot of questions), then some guy who's son was swimming around the Isle of Wight called up and gave me some information about what he would be doing this weekend- which sounded pretty interesting. So I started to write that story up just before I was leaving, but I didn't write loads (just a few first paragraphs) as I then had to leave....and I came back here. To the IC.

I'll have to check if that router has come yet once I get back to the house. I doubt it will have though. They're like that Talktalk. Yesterday, I printed off twenty-five pages of terms and conditions in small print to do with them...and I don't like some of what it has to say. Nevertheless, we're going to use it to try and get our contract cut off with them if possible and also get some compensation for all the strife they've given us, unnecessarily. They'll be the ones paying, not us...the bastards. You know if we cut the contract with them, they expect us to pay £70?! What the fuck?! It makes no sense. I mean, if the 'net works again...fine...but it's been 2 months now and I can't see why we should go with a dodgy company who've done everything but keep their promise. The shitheads.

Anyway...I'm expecting I may have something in print tomorrow in the if I do, I'll tell you about it and keep the clippings as proof :p

I'll update again tomorrow. Who knows what could be in store next...