Saturday, July 21, 2007

My mother is stranded in Gloucestershire! Oh the heavens! She went down to visit my brother and my sister in law and their kid for the week...and now she tried to come back, but she got stuck when she had to get off and try to get a bus to get to Birmingham New Street. But all the roads down there are flooded. So now she has to stay in a leisure centre for the night, with loads of other people :( I'm worried- I hope she'll be alright.

Bloody rain- will you ever stop pouring down?! :(

Today has been worrying all round. I was up early, then had to be in for about 8, or 8.15'ish, before I left with Claire the crime correspondent to go and interview the family of those charged with the murder of the taxi driver back in March. I was scared shitless when I got told they were gangsters and they had sent a lot of death threats to the paper when they had found out certain things had been reported on previous occasions. Our job was to go down there and diffuse the situation and try to explain to them that we were only out to print the facts and we wanted to print the defendants' side of the story, although obviously we can't print that until the case is over. So we went down to try and speak to the family...but only the Mother was in and she was saying of how she had to work over 90 hours that week alone because her sons have been in obviously they can't do their job. It felt grim to stand there and hear her talking when you know you have to try and force being friendly and pretend to have an open mind, when you're not sure either way. Oh the dilemma.

After this little incident of talking to one of the accused's Mum, I went back to the office and then went along to a council meeting about the licensing board who wanted to close a pub down in Burnsgreave for being too dangerous to the public...police found drugs, knives and heard a gun being fired nine times! Eeeep. So that went ahead and was closed down by the end.

& then...back to the office for an hour. Lunch. Then all afternoon until 4pm was spent typing up stories and printing them off so that I can produce a portfolio of stories that I've done here, to show that all of my time hasn't been wasted :) Oh and I did get something printed in the paper- in Thursday's edition actually, which I'm pleased about. I'll scan it in once I get home I think :)

Well ...that's the end of my week at my work placement. I've had a good time here, learning a lot of things about how journalists cope under pressure, how to handle and diffuse numerous difficult situations for example. But most of all I've learnt to find my inner balls. I don't know if I'd want to take on a permanent job at The Star, but I see it as an option as I reckon something like that wouldn't be a bad job really. Not at all terrible once you apply the knowledge and the skill to the practical side of reporting, although I reckon it'd take a while to get really good at the profession. As it is a fast paced job and highly sought after.

I'm coming back to Widnes tomorrow. Excited? Just a little. I've missed everyone there so much. Gary especially, it's been so hard being away from him :( I don't like the fact it's been over a week since I last saw him. But, I take solace in the fact that tomorrow, all will be back to normal again and I can resume my summer knowing that I've put the effort into doing work and improving my career- so I can take something beneficial out of this summer and know it's not been a wasted time. But, I just wish I could've taken Gary with me. Nevermind- I will have lots to tell people when I get back. Not that we haven't already spoke about stuff like that over the phone :) haha.

Anyway, over and out.

I'll update sometime soon. Pray that I don't get caught in the floods tomorrow, as I have to get the train back home and I want to get back safe and on time!

Here's hoping my Mum's alright too.

I do worry so.


P.S: The internet at the house here (Uni house) is finally working! At last!!! (after two months of dodginess).