Monday, November 19, 2007

I am going to see.... MY BLOODY VALENTINE.
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I've got tickets, to see them!!! It was a bit of a task and a half I must say (like the fact that thousands of people were probably trying to get tickets at the same time as I was). The fact that the first night sold out within five minutes of going on sale, is something to say the least... But I did it and I've got them, so me and Gary are going to be seeing them at the Manchester Apollo next June- which is a perfect leaving Uni present, in my opinion :)

I've had such an amazing weekend. Aside from getting MBV tickets, I spent it with Gary and we went to Corp on the Thursday night to see Jesu and we were gonna see Mono but due to tiredness/seeing them before we decided to get the vinyl version of 'Conqueror' signed by Broadrick and then we retied to the house. We seemed to indulge on a lot of cheesy chips over the weekend, which was nice. Lots of takeaway (pizza, chips, etc), Subway, Vegebangers :p (all yummy of course). We watched 'The Stand' (the TV mini-series) which by the way, is bloody ace and makes me wanna read the book now, lots and lots.

We went Corp on Friday night which was good fun. But the vodka drink/s were disgusting and the beer wasn't too much better to be honest (not entirely sure why but it just tasted really rank, in my opinion), but I started to have a good night after a while as the music played/I progressively let myself enjoy the night.

Yesterday and for much of Friday, was spent shopping around the city centre. I bought some cool stuff for people for Christmas. Lots of interesting things for my boyfriend and I'm going to be getting a lot of good stuff for my family/friends :) I got quite a few books and I know I got a lot in return (obviously not to be looked at until Christmas day).

Speaking of Christmas- it's only another 36 days?! Which isn't long now really. Oohh I'm so excited.

Shame I have to do a whole week's worth of editing for my radio package, starting from tomorrow. I need to get it done by Friday! eeep. At least my essay is done. The deadline for that is tomorrow, but yay that's done at least.

At least once that's all done, I will get to see my family again at the weekend. It's my Dad's birthday coming up too, so I need to really get back home for that. It's a very special age shall we say, coming up.

Anyhow, I need to write up/sort out some of my radio script so it makes it easier to record tomorrow...