Friday, November 30, 2007

I'm soo sick of having to show people around the house. Now don't get me wrong I understand the reasoning behind having to do so, for example, these people need a place to stay next year after all. But the thing is, the sheer volume of people coming around! It's getting a tad annoying. I've missed a few showings due to being out and having locked my door, they've then wanted to come back around just to see my room as they needed to see ALL of the rooms. But the thing is, I never got to see all of the rooms when I went looking for a house. So what's the big deal, eh? I'm not sure. Maybe they just like to know the full score. I remember when we asked if we could go around and see the house in first year, the girls said no though- as they were determined to spend the last few weeks together in the house. Which I can completely understand now. Not that I want to sound mean or anything, but you do get quite attached.

Anyway. The good news is that I have finished much of Foster's workshop exercises, so all I pretty much need to do now is start writing up my patch stories which I want to do and get out of the way this weekend (including my feature story), so I know exactly what I have to work with. &then, I'm going to start getting even more (no doubt I will need them) and amongst other things, start writing them up and laying them out. It will be quite a big task actually, now I think about it. I think the main worry I have is not being able to get enough! as there will be loads of things needed to fill up all of those pages.

First things first though, I'm going to write a list of all the stories I do have and then start writing up the notes and working out their worth in terms of whether they're going to be a big story, picture story or just worth a couple of nibs. Either way, will have to start filling those pages soon! So best get down to it. I think I might from tomorrow.

I can't tonight as I'm going to be researching for my Stiletto article I'm writing for the second (Sex) issue on 'Do girls enjoy sex more than men?' which is about how girls have recently broke taboos about how they didn't talk about sex/didn't enjoy sex and now it seems that all girls talk about is guys and how many they've slept with.

Cosmo proudly showcases this image of a girl who likes sex as being adventurous, not sleazy or slutty. Sex and the City is another thing that springs to mind. I mean, people found that show refreshing and I know it really shocked some guys because some men believe it or not, think of women as naive and fragile creatures. Which clearly isn't the case a lot of the time (or is it?) hmmm. As Sex and the City (or so I have been told), had women openly discussing sex with each other, over lunch.

Anyhow,I can't believe how fast this week has gone already. I went home last weekend for my Dad's birthday and already- it's Thursday! Doesn't seem five seconds ago I was coming home this time last week. Oh how time flies. I mean in three weeks time I will be finishing for Christmas! Aaaarrggh. How scary is that?! Answer: Very. I have to write my dissertation proposal over Christmas, as well as revise for a 3 hour exam in Free Speech and Censorship, get all my newspaper pages produced in Quark and along with that, keep up with the news/current affairs so that I can at least (try) to pass the news writing exam in January. Oh the heavens! So much work.

Trying not to stress out...admittedly, it's kinda hard. But chill, chill. Everything's going to be alright :)

Today I had a seminar about postmodernism. That was pretty err...mindnumbing. Although I think I learnt a lot, I will have to go through the lecture notes a lot during revision to feel like I've actually got anywhere with it. I guess we'll see.

I'm listening to the new Darren Hayes album at present. I can't help but hear some Kate Bush influences in parts. It's cool! &a lot of the songs are definitely growing on me if I didn't like them so much before.

Anyhoo, I best be off. I've got a sutaki pie in the oven that needs my attention ;)



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