Monday, December 03, 2007

Had a whole weekend of work. Not only have I managed to write up four of my patch stories, I also have wrote up the notes into longhand for my feature piece on 'Killer Cola', which makes me feel somewhat better knowing I have at least some work to show Foster next week. Also, I've been buying The Star pretty much every day and finding out various bits of info about Walkley which I never even knew about.

Turns out there is a methodist church that is going to be demolished to make way for several houses (could be quite a big story if we get the locals reaction, me thinks) and a councillor who stands for Walkley who has turned 70 and along with three other councillors has served over 100 years worth of public service. So there's something worth writing about right there.

But yeah, this weekend has been really boring. Only solaced by the fact that it's December now, so it's advent and therefore it's time to start opening those calendar doors and eating miniature chocolate things! :D which is awesome.

Looks like I have my story ready to be filmed for my TV newsday on Wednesday. The English Institute of Sport is putting on a sporting event for homeless people in Sheffield on December 5th, so me and Jack are gonna go down there and film some homeless people playing judo! hahaha. Thankfully we can drive down there and get it sorted, we went there the other day and they seemed really helpful and seemed to want to give us permission. Which is all gravy. Tomorrow I'm expecting a call or to hear back at some point from the events organiser to see if we can definitely have permission, etc.

I hope all goes to plan :) Then all I have to start doing is revising my editing/OOVS/Upsounds/Packages and script editing for the big day itself.