Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I have a new piece of work.

Wave Goodbye to the Butterfly

Feelings fall
as the autumn leaves
curl to skies of grey
and dancing, dancing
are washed away

Into puddles
that whisper of many moons
we fall asleep
on clouds of residue
as the caterpillar
hidden, so small
begins to creep…

Paraded so low
a kerb so high
that guttural stench
bleeding us so dry
never fails to intervene
when it comes to love
a quintessential mask
of our emotions

Upon the soul
as in our roots
pulled out
from the dark
we grew

and into the light
that glimmers
by fresh-speckled dew
we yearn for change
to take us along;
out with the old,
in with the new

Wasn’t that your saying?

Except I no longer feel
for that phrase
just as you no longer
that I stand tall
and unafraid

Not to be
not yours
You lose

Through flickering lights
decanter the sensation
they can’t prevent
us from reaching
our destination

That storm
That swallow
to flee

to follow.

- 19.2.08