Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Me and a friend were talking today about how wrong it is for a guy to wear a pink shirt.
It's not that we hate it, we just don't find it very attractive.
It screams that a guy isn't very masculine, we concluded and therefore, if we went out with a guy who liked to wear pink t-shirts a lot, we'd want him to leave us alone.
Just because.
A girl wants a guy to look after her, but a pink t-shirt has too many implications.
I don't actually know many girls who would be attracted to a guy wearing one. Infact, I think the whole idea of being attracted to ladyboys is on the wane.
I think women want real men now.
At last.

Well, on to more important matters...I got back to Sheffield yesterday, just in time for my Media Law exam at midday. I think it went surprisingly well, considering. I'm glad it's over- but just when I thought I could rest easy, in comes another batch of handouts from today's two lectures, covering the law on family proceedings, divorce and open justice. But the good news is, there's no Monday lectures anymore. Relief.

Halloween has been almost non-existant this year for me. The most 'spooky' thing I did all day was make myself a burnt chicken breast for dinner and some cheese and sweetcorn mash. With a touch of raw broccolli. Oh and a toffee apple for dessert (I had been looking for one all day, first in Sainsburys, but to much disappointment and then later in Metro Tesco, where I had slightly more success). But no trick or treating for me. The last time I did that, it was about...1995. No seriously...

The weekend was good. Aside from revision, I took the opportunity to talk to my parents and tell them all my news and things going on, etc etc. I spent two of the four nights at my parents house, two at Gary's. I'd say the highlight, was going for a chinese meal on Saturday night, we'd been drinking in Wetherspoons first and then it was just nice to sit down and eat something a bit special, because I don't normally eat a lot for dinner. I guess I just don't have the appetite like I used to. Ever since I've been working out three times a week, my old habits seem to be on the wane and I can't say I'm missing them to be honest. I've cut out coke, tea and coffee and well, just loads of high fat foods. I don't have takeaways anymore, never really ate chips anyway, but now I don't have as many processed foods either, or if I want something a bit fancy, like a pizza for example, I'll try and make it myself. It's healthier that way. I've also cut right back on the amount of alcohol I drink- I find I don't miss much of it. I tend to just drink spirits as they don't put as much weight on. But I'd say without a doubt, the exercise has been the main benefit of my changing physique.

Not that I was overweight or anything like that to start with, but I did need to tone up and do some exercise to improve my strength and stamina. I can feel the benefits now. I can't imagine going back to the way I was before- only a month or so ago. This may sound perverse, but it's a great feeling when all your old clothes hang off you and you realise with a sense of pride, that you've made it happen.


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