Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It feels like ages since I last wrote in here.
Quite a bit has happened.
I finished the essay. Handed it in. 2,195 words- so just below the maximum word limit.
I sent my article off to the Stiletto press. Although judging by the copy out today (I couldn't find it anywhere), I'll be lucky to actually own a copy of it. As it's not quite in the same way as The Steel Press.

Last week, Gary came up, which was ace. We went to see Final and Mono, both of whom I loved. But I left, ears brutalised, and I swear...some perforated ear drums. Corporation (rock club here) where they played, was shaking the sound was that loud! But not in the traditional sense, if you get me. It was the bass in Final as there is just one member - Justin Broadrick. Gary got to talk to him for a wee bit, which really pleased him I think :) he seemed really nice. I bought some merch. All Mono though.

Mono were beyond brilliant- but halfway through their set I had to leave and sit somewhere quieter as my back was hurting like mad, just from standing up for too long! Grrrr.

What else? Ohh, we went to see Saw III at the cinema on Wednesday night. That is one sick little film. Yet entertaining at the same time. I felt sick afterwards though- think I'd had too many revels :( (I always get like this with chocolate- the cravings have been crazy of late, I've been getting them every day).

I got to go to court on Wednesday afternoon. It was pretty interesting...surreal at the same time. I saw a lot of the defendants leaving/entering (yes, it is THAT obvious)...

On Thursday afternoon I went bowling and won three games out of three! Yeah, I rule. I also got some very sweet underwear that day and a garter belt which wouldn't stay up! :( Grrr. So I didn't wear them in the end, but I did go out to Fuzz looking pretty delightful :)

It was a great week though...I had such mega fun :D

It's Laura's birthday today. I got her a pretty present, which she liked. It was a box of bathing stuff from Lush. Really nice. Pricy, but I wasn't sure what to get her, I just knew she really liked Lush stuff.

We're having 'party food' later which should be fun.

But onto the plans for the week...I'm going home this weekend. To see my mammy and daddy. Gary...and to go to this christening on Sunday afternoon, for my baby cousin, Rose Ilona. She looks a sweet baby, but we never even knew she existed until we got the invitation two weeks ago! Heh. Still, it should be a nice occasion.

I'm getting to see Ghenghis Tron on Thursday :D yyayyy.

I'm tired now, had a long day.
But at least it's good to know that I get the whole day off tomorrow.