Thursday, November 02, 2006

What could be the most scary thing to happen right now?
That very thought has just crossed my mind.
I reckon a giant black spider crawling up the wall to the left of where I'm lying now would freak me out. Especially if I carried on looking at my laptop and didn't realise until it was halfway up the wall. Eeep. I'm going to shut up now.

I'm hungover :( Well of slight. I got pissed pretty quickly last night and then it was off to Corp before I knew it. But bloody hell was it like the Marie Celeste. Normally, the place would be heaving with students clad in school uniform attire, sweat dripping from the walls as you struggle to make your way through the heaving masses to get to the bar. But not last night. It was empty when we got there and even when it did fill up, it was nothing like it was last year. Blame The Leadmill for opening a rival club night (another skool disco affair) and with it being Halloween the day before. I was ok for the first half of the night as I was still pretty drunk- so even when I realised I hadn't brought a tenner with me like I had previously thought, it gave me an excuse to sober up a bit and just dance. At least the drinks offers were fairly cheap - 70p for vodka and mixer. But then the night quickly turned pretty weird...

I got asked by some random guy some inaudible questions and it freaked me out, so I kept on moving about to try and avoid him. But he still kept on coming over :/ Then a friend got into some guy not once, not twice...I actually lost count of the number of times to be honest, as she just kept on getting off with him all evening. It was dance dance...snog snog dance dance....grind grind snog snog...all frickin' night. I gave up counting the number of times. Then I sobered up and got bored very quickly. I wanted to go home from about 1am onwards, but since all my friends were still enjoying themselves and such, I figured that I shouldn't spoil it for them. But school disco really isn't my forté.

The best bit was when some guy got his face smashed in with a bottle.
No, really.
There was drama and blood all over the dancefloor.
The blood went all over people's white shirts.
The ambulance were called.
The guy's face was covered in blood, running all the way down his face and chest.
I'd never seen anything like it before.
I'd of been scared if I hadn't of been so tired.

Unfortunately, the tit that my mate had pulled was still hanging around. Urgh. &he followed us home in a taxi. Then he had no idea where he was. Gutted.
I would've felt sorry for him, but he was one of those posh boarding school type sleazebags, if ever I saw one.
Fed up, I went to bed.

I slept well...and now...I have to face writing an essay, or at least starting it, maybe even doing some reading. If I don't I could get really behind, as I don't want to do it next week, that will ruin all my plans. It's supposed to be 'Reading Week' next week, but I don't really get one, just some time off from a certain module to write this essay...grrr :/

But in better news, I'm writing an article for 'Stiletto' (a women's magazine here at the Uni, that was previously called 'Wanda'). I have to write an A-Z of Body Parts for about a fortnight's time. I've laid down the basic bones of the alphabet, but now I have to flesh it out with relevant material, making it light hearted, etc. I think I can do it. I'm gonna do it this weekend, along with some of my essay and see how far I can get. Should be interesting.