Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Nearly had a heart attack just now when I discovered that the NCTJ exam I have to sit in January is £72 (£36 for each part) and has to be handed in by cheque by Monday the 4th of December! Bloody hell. I have enough to do as it is. It all seems very strict and demanding of them. The only good thing I can see about this is that there's only one whole exam (albeit split into two parts), so I only have to revise for one subject. But still... it seems a bit of a pocketbleeder.

I've had a mildly productive day today. I had to get up early for the wonderful 9am lecture that is Media Law. Yet again on arriving, there was a barrage of handouts to pick up and go through. I don't think they will ever end! Every lecture I get another three or four handouts alone and I am left to wonder how many rainforests were destroyed in order to teach us to pass a single exam. Still, I know it's important stuff to learn and it could prevent me/the rest of us from getting into some serious trouble when we're out in the real world, doing whatever it is we want to do, concerning journalism and media etc.

After this, I went to the journalism office to pick up my test results from the third assessed test. I did considerably better than my first attempt- where I only scored a measly 13. I got 38 marks on my third test, which I'm really rather pleased about. You double the figure- so I got 76 marks so I'm guessing that counts as a first? I could be wrong, but I'm pleased that I did soo much better. That good news has even put me in the right frame of mind for revision later this evening. (As my next test is on Tuesday the 5th). So I'll have more fun topics to learn...such as the defamation law, absolute privilege, fair comment and qualfied privilege and all that shiz. Yay for me. Heh.

It was my dad's birthday yesterday, so I sent him a card in the post a few days beforehand hoping it would get to him on the right day. arrives on the Saturday! Oh well, who says Royal Mail is in a state? That arrived very quickly. I'm getting him an extra present for Christmas which will make up for the lack of birthdayness presents received. So I'm hoping that will put a smile on his face.

I had another lecture at 2pm today. It was soo bloody boring. I tried to pay attention for half of it, but I kept on getting disinterested. Holly kept on trying to fall asleep. Hahaha. Once it was over, I made a beeline for the exit- but then realised- shit, more handouts to get! At least another two :/ Once I'd gone, I wanted to get some chocolate. The cravings are subsiding, but the addiction is still as strong as ever! hahaha. I ended up buying a flyte bar (sooo goood and like, half the calories!) and a bag of magic stars (both to suck on/chew whilst revising of course).

Although I ended up eating the chocolate whilst wrapping the christmas presents I've bought for people so far. I'm glad I've nearly finished my christmas shopping. It means I've got a hell of a lot less to worry about. I still have to buy for family though. Friends are sorted. So, I'm not all that organised as people may think :p

I got the Guardian newspaper for 25p today, with a free dvd of my choice and a packet of handmade crisps. I chose The Wicker Man. It's got something truly great about it.

Oh and - new song is up! yayyyy.