Monday, October 22, 2007

At last! The internet is back and working at the house. Or at least- it has been for a few days now. But I thought I'd update so as to let you know I'm not dead!

The past few days have been inextricably busy. I've been all over the place trying to edit articles for Stiletto and with my degree- workshops, lectures, I even went to a UV festival yesterday to try and get a story for JNL301 (me and my friend have been assigned Walkley) and to be fair...the area's pretty dead. But we can also cover Upperthorpe and all the way up to Hillsborough, which I think is pretty decent of Foster to extend our area like that.

But it's still a cause for concern! If we fail that module we can't graduate...oh the joy. Other than that, I've arranged an interview for my radio package (I have to get a minimum of two and a vox pop), so I'm going to interview this lady from the Batemoor and Jordanthorpe Safety Forum on Wednesday. I'm doing my radio piece on crime, so that makes sense. I get to use a marantz- I've never used one of those before, so that should be fun :) haha. We'll see how it goes I guess.

I've been trying to do my essay, but I just have so many damn things to do it's hard to think. Not only have I got to do work for Foster (including showing him last week's work now), I have to sub-edit these pieces of copy we got given in the workshop on Friday...and urgh. It's a bit depressing really. *Sigh* I'll cope!!

I went out to Corp last night. I almost didn't go as I was being lead to believe the people I was going with had backed out...but then they tell me about 11pm and I had to rush to get there then! Arrrggh. So I ended up getting a taxi down there on my own and meeting up with them(completely by surprise) just outside of a cash machine. I got into Corp, just before midnight and stayed until the end. It was a good night out, I danced and got drunk and just generally listened to some ace music. They played Tool :D and whilst I mainly stayed in the metal room, I did flick between the ebm room and the 80's cock rock room briefly which is always packed out. I enjoyed a bit of each. I might start going on a Saturday more often as I think it's a pretty decent night actually. Just it's rather expensive (£5 to get in) and not many people I know would go. But, if you just drink Carling out of a bottle all night it's actually pretty cheap (£1.50 isn't bad). Hmm.

Anyway, I didn't get to sleep until 5.30am and I didn't wake up until gone 11am this morning! eeeep. So I just chilled out in bed, edited some more articles (they're all done now, apart from some 'freshers articles' I'm waiting on to come through soon), which no one seems to be sending me! grrr. I read a chapter from the reader on Stamp Duty and the press and that's about it to be honest. I wrote up some notes too and tried to write some kind of notes/script for my radio project, but only the bones of the questions I need to ask on Wednesday.

Right, I best get off now. It's late and I should be asleep. I've got to get up early tomorrow and try to call this councillor to get a phone interview. As well as that, I need to cancel/question an order I made last night, I'm worried it won't transfer or will bill me. Something stupid like that. Anyway, I best get off.

Just thought I'd give a little update.