Sunday, October 14, 2007

Today has been just another average day. I've done what feels like tonnes of reading over the past couple of days, enough for my liking anyhow.

I'm having to start my essay already because I've got so much work and a lot of deadlines coming up, so I can't afford to waste my time really. But, I still find time to come online and go on facebook and so forth. Anything to procrastinate I guess :]

I went to see 'This is England' yesterday at the union's cinema. It was really good, a highly thought provoking film and I recommend watching it for anyone who hasn't seen it. It's about a young boy in the 80's who after losing his dad in the Falklands war, befriends a skinhead with racist views...and he brainwashes him into their gang basically. It was great watching, comic, sad, and overall very moving. A mandatory film if ever there was one.

So, we received a letter at the house yesterday from Tiscali, announcing that they had received our direct debit and our order for the 'net should be processed pretty soon. I hope so for all our sakes! With the postal strikes, give or take a few days, it should be here by Thursday of next week. Which I can only hope and pray for as we've been waiting long enough in my opinion...and I hate having to go to the IC every day just to use a computer, surrounded by loads of people who could be prying in on what I'm doing. Arrrgh. The thought is scary.

Hmm, what else. I've been very experimental with red lentils lately...I made a red lentil salad with philly in pittas for my lunch today, it was awesome. &I should have enough left over for tomorrow, which I'm pleased about, as my culinary skills are not going to waste :] hehehe.

But anyway, back to my essay as there's quite a lot I can say about that. Whilst I haven't started it yet, I have done most of the reading and am therefore both fascinated and appalled by my topic of choice. I've decided to write about 'Does pornography harm women?' and my research has led me down many dark tunnels...and to be honest, I'm not sure I like what I'm finding. I've read about Linda Lovelace, Angel Kelly and other girls and young women who were products of violent sexual abuse and to be honest what at first seems acceptable in some contexts, i.e- that it's their freedom of speech to allow porn to be made and distributed, when it comes down to it, you realise is nothing more than glorified violence in the form of sexual desire. It's a really awful topic actually and quite upsetting, for me, as a young woman to read.

But still I chose to do it,so I can't complain too much. *Sigh*. Again...I am writing this when it is dark and I need to get back to the house. Maybe I'll write a little more in my next update.