Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Oh Mill, Mill Mill...whatever shall we do with you?

I have around 90 pages of reading to do on Libertarianism for a presentation I am partaking in next week and I just haven't got a clue. That could be something to do with only just starting the reading though. I guess there is always tomorrow...

I've just come back up to Sheffield from a weekend at home. I had an AMAZING time with my lovely boyfriend Gary. We did lots of things together, like shopping and searching for presents and generally being the best. He bought me 'Tomb Raider Anniversary' for my PSP which made me feel chuffed as I wasn't expecting that at all. Which just goes to show how kind hearted and loving a boyfriend I have,he just knew :) I will have to make it up to him x1000000000000000000000000000000 trillion.

The good news is that 'Stiletto' is coming together and should be ready for publication by mid-November which is super exciting. I hope I'll be able to scan an issue in or hopefully at least show you the website. I'm sure I'll be able to take a picture of the front cover at least.

Exciting times ahead. Apart from essays/arranging interviews for radio packages,the neverending stream of stories to collect for 301...