Friday, October 26, 2007

Last night I went to see, what is in my opinion, a most brilliant film.

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STARDUST is just such a beautiful film. Sure it's cheesy, it's a fantasy and heck, it might even be a little predictable in parts...but it sure is good. My favourite bit has to be where Robert De Niro (who plays Captain Shakespeare, the leader of this rough group of pirates on a flying ship) turns out to be a 'whoopsy' haha..and he lets go of his pretense and starts dancing around his quarters with a pink fan and ballroom dress! haha. It made my day. Hell, it made the movie.

Michelle Pfeiffer as Lamia, an evil witch obsessed with her looks was also brilliant, in my opinion. The chase for the star (played by Clare Danes) captures everyone's hearts. She is at once sought after by Lamia, Tristan (to give to his unrequited love to Victoria (played by Sienna Miller) and also a string of princes who wish to inherit their father's throne and be crowned King. . &yeah it's just a brilliant film. Go seee!

But today has really drained me of the will to live. My course is slowly killing me. Not only do I find the workload so much harder this year, but the people on my course are really beginning to piss me off as well. I'm not sure why, but they're all so...up themselves. Urk. They just don't know when to stop being twats.

So many ignorant, chauvinistic, bitchy people....making me wanna throw up. That and I've been really tired, has made me fed up.

Also, I found out that my NCTJ's are gonna be worth nothing at all unless we get the shorthand qualification (thank God I've got mine!) but now we have to do an NCTJ in News Writing, which comprises one part of the exam and in the other, we have to compile a portfolio of the 10 best news stories we have written over the period of our course and from work placements, to be marked by journalism staff here and later we can show it to potential employers, which I'm guessing will be looked upon highly when we come to getting a job. I hope. Heh.

Thank god for JNL301 is all I can say...I reckon some of my best stories will come from Foster's module. I can't see too many of the others being great. Maybe court reports...I can't think of much else I'd put in though. I'm sure by the end of the course there will be more examples though, that will look decent. Hmm. The only downside to all of this is that we have to pay £37 for the folder and another £37 for the actual exam. Once again - it is extortion to the highest limits and Foster said we should complain.Maybe, but it won't do us any good as we're leaving next year, but it will benefit other years I guess. *Sigh* I dunno. Work work work...