Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ok, so as promised here are what I think of the films I saw on Sunday.


I saw this at FACT and was majorly impressed. I think any film that can take a biography like this and turn it into something so believable and so...real that you almost believe it is happening, is worth more than a watch in my opinion.
Control is a film about the life and music of Joy Division and its troubled singer, Ian Curtis who killed himself over 27 years ago. The film charts their beginnings, from the humble naivety of Curtis, who married his wife Deborah too young, to the bands' tours around Europe and his subsequent double life and affair with Annik Honoré. The film is captivating and ultimately very dramatic. Infact, it's so realistic, I almost believed it was happening in present tense. From reading 'Touching from a Distance', I already knew a great deal about Curtis's life and the music and story behind Joy Division, but to see it played out in front of my eyes was something else entirely. A real treat and the must-see movie of the year, in my opinion.


No words can suffice for just how bad this film is. But I will say this...the glaring inaccuracies, the awful clichés, the fact every male character seemed to have long hair, and the blatant killing of all and sundry made this film so predictable, it was boring. This remake has ruined my image of the original Halloween and Rob Zombie (it's director) really shouldn't have touched such a classic. I left the cinema feeling let down and I'm not sure I can forgive Zombie for exploiting and bastardising it to the point, where it has now become nothing more than a mockery of itself. Very disappointing. Why Carpenter gave him permission to mess with such a classic, I will never know. But there were enough Zombie stereotypes in there to make you know it was now his. Urgh.

Anyway I needed to vent that.

Now back to my life...

I'm back at Uni now, so I should be here for a good few weeks because of my heavy workloads and the fact I want to try and get it all out of the way as soon as possible. I'm not sure if I can, but I'm gonna try. I had my first workshop of the week earlier for broadcast and I think I did ok. The tutor said that my idea (I had to write up a 600 word proposal at the last minute, yesterday evening), was fine and that I should be able to get an interview with a victim of crime somewhere in Sheffield and ask them whether the Respect scheme is actually doing it's job properly or whether it's just complicating matters further. So I'm going to try and sort that out sometime this week. Other than that, I've just come straight here (in the IC again), to use the internet because I don't think the 'net at the house is working just yet. But soon....soon...

Right, that's it for this post I'm afraid. I need to walk back to the house and it's pitch black already, so want to walk back while there is still people around, rather than later on, when I'll be more scared of my surroundings.