Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Sorry I haven't updated this in a week now, but I've been pretty busy of late.

Main news: Last week was pretty shitty overall, as I was stressed and had to do a great deal of sorting out. We still have no internet at my house in Sheffield. So on Thursday I decided to take it upon myself to call Tiscali up and I ordered broadband for us, which should be here by next week I imagine. But what a nightmare! I had to keep on repeating myself because the Indian callworker couldn't seem to differentiate between 'a' and 'r'. But with any luck, the 'net will be all ours soon enough and we won't have to keep goin to the IC to check on our emails and all that bother.

Similarly, I found out on Thursday afternoon when I went to try and buy a reader for £15 (a collection of essential 'reading sources' that my lecturer/module leader for JNL315 -Free Speech and Censorship), wants us to buy so we can at least try and scrape a pass (we still will need to do other reading as well...*groan*). So I decided to try and get cash out of the machine- but to my horror, every bank wouldn't let me get any out. So in the end I had to go all the way to Alliance and Leicester in town, where I was told that my debit card is unauthorised and therefore invalid. They sent me out another one though, thankfully- so the next day once I had arrived home in Widnes, I made sure to activate it and then I could use it from there on in. Thankfully.

But the main news of my weekend is that I passed my driving test on Saturday- and I can now drive :D YAY. Which is an achievement as I've been trying for a while now. So I'm really proud that I managed it and can just go back to Uni now and relax for it IS DONE. Hehehe. So I passed second time, with 10 minors. Which to be honest, I thought I would get more, since the route is Runcorn and I'm not that great around there. But it doesn't matter, it's over with now. Woohoo.

I was going to tell you of how I went to the cinema yesterday and all about the films I saw 'Control' (amazing) and 'Halloween' (shite) but I've just found out I need to do a 600 word proposal that's in for tomorrow afternoon! Argh. So I'll tell you about them in my next update.

Gotta dash